Friday, April 13, 2007

i worked in a warehouse. men's warehouse.

First things first: We are loving the new, prominent role the warehouse workers are playing in these latest episodes. Darryl might be the best addition to the show since Angela’s creepy baby poster. Along those same lines, Andy is back from anger management, and as this hilarious deleted scene proves, he is “no longer able to achieve anger.” This week, all of Dunder Mifflin unites in the warehouse to exchange safety information. We see Darryl on crutches, and the injury explanation was perhaps the BIGGEST laugh line of the evening:

Darryl: We do safety training every year. Or after an accident. We’ve never made it a full year. This particular time, I was reaching for a supply box on the top shelf, when one office worker, who shall remain nameless, kicked the ladder out from under me and yelled …
Michael: (dying laughing) “Hey Darryl, how’s it hangin’?”

Then, to prove the Dunderlings are every bit as “brave” as the big, bad baler operators, Michael decides to fake a suicide jump. He orders a trampoline and throws a watermelon off the roof “Letterman style.” It is at this moment I realized the serious Gallagher void in my own life, as watching that watermelon splatter in every direction filled me with endless glee.

Once Jim and Pam (cozier than last week, it seems) realize that Michael will actually kill himself accidentally, they rush to the rescue. The day is saved. Stanley’s car is covered in watermelon. Maybe the only letdown was that the entire staff didn’t end up bouncing around inside the castle — a perfect accidental bump n’ grind opportunity for Pam and Jim. Then again, with Creed having peed on it, perhaps that wasn’t an option.

Finally — Michael Scott finally made a Borat reference! (pause) Not! Except he really did. Officetally’s got more info on the episode. Thank god the show — and our glow — is back.

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