Friday, April 13, 2007

grindhouse, and LOST

went to see grindhouse on wednesday. i wanted to love this movie SO much. two of my all time favorite directors. rodriguez's 'planet terror' was absolutley amazing. totally over the top, zombie goodness. i loved it. all the fake trailers were awesome too, along with the food ad, and the film distortion made for a wonderful feel like we were living in the late 70's...seeing flicks in a shitty movie theatre. some parts of the movie were cut...which led me to yell at the screen. it's ok though...we're in a grindhouse. i wanted to love the 2nd flick, 'deathproof.' but i just couldn't. the first part of the movie was great...then it started to drag. ALOT. i would say about 80 % of deathproof was dialogue. but it wasn't great tarantino dialogue which we all don't mind sitting was all crap. the end of the movie was good, but that doesnt make up for the boring middle. ya, i might of actually enjoyed deathproof if it was shown first, before planet terror. but it wasn't...bad choice. after all that action and excitement the last thing i wanna do is sit and watch 4 girls talk about cars. BORING. but still go see grindhouse. it was awesome. i think once i get it on dvd i'll watch them in the opposite order...making it more tolerable.

and i was reading on the internet that next year rodriguez is not only making sin city 2...but also making the movie adaptation of one of my favorite comics of all time... MADMAN!!! if anyone can do it, r.r. can. i have faith.

thursday angela came over after work, we ate...and watched the new office. hilarious. michael tries to teach office safety...and andy returns from anger management.

and so last night and this morning ang and i watched the past 3 episodes of LOST that we hadn't watched yet. ok, so the most recent two were good....but the one 3 weeks ago...damnit...i feel a rant coming on...

*LOST spoilers*

why in the hell do a flashback episode introducing two brand new character in the MIDDLE OF THE THIRD SEASON? this is ridiculous. way too late. and ok so you introduce them, show me their back story...ok. but then you f%&$@ing kill them off in that same episode? wtf LOST writers??? if you take this long to introduce two characters, why do it at all. and there is only one episode about them. fans have absolutly nothing invested in these two characters. we don't care about them. so why should we give a shit if they die? stupid. filler. you can do better LOST.

ugh. later.

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