Tuesday, June 06, 2006


i was bored last night--so i went to see the davinci code. it was pretty good. makes me wish i woulda finished the book, i'm sure it's WAY better. a little long though...a little over three hours. but good nonetheless. the dude that played 'doc oc' in spiderman played a bishop, or something, didn't matter--i could only picture him with four mechanical arms sticking out of his back. today is DVD DAY. sweet. going back and forth to blockbuster all day. oooooh i just got a big poop sensation saying i must hurry this post up. I GOT A TURTLE HEAD POPPIN OUT. ehhh gotta do some homework today. shouldn't be too bad. get to go on a field trip wednesday for class. this class isn't as bad as i thought it'd be. besides the fact that every class is four hours long, and each class is equivalent to a week's worth of classes. blaaaa. ok i gotta poop. later.

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