Sunday, June 04, 2006

new releases for the week of 6-4-06

hello. i seriously didn't do anything all weekend. it was SWEET. but how is it sunday, already? ehhhh. what shall i do today? i think i'll go run for a little bit. take a shower. read some comics. eat lunch. watch a dvd and maybe take a nap. do my homework. play some video games. then cap off the night with the finales of THE SOPRANOS and BIG LOVE. mmmmm yes.

here are the new releases for this week, the week of 6/4/06:

dvd: : um let's see.... this week: beavis and butthead the mike judge collection vol.2, (on my list), entourage season2 (also on my blockbuster list), firewall with harrison ford, glory road, running scared, sarah silverman: jesus is magic, underworld: evolution. ....not that bad a week for dvds. nice.

video games: : so we've offically hit the summer, which means basically no good releases for video games. but big brain academy for ds comes out this week....but don't expect anything good this summer....


alright i'm done with the internet for now fellas. later.

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