Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the office 'webisodes'

thought i'd share a little nugget of information w. you that i aquired while having a wonderful pre-shower poop reading this week's new entertainment weekly. seems fans of nbc's 'the office' won't have to sit around waiting for the new fall season. because nbc.com is releasing 10 shorts starting july 13th that will all be shown from their website. nbc is smart, taking advantage of the internet generation....it's weird...cuz half of the show's audience does not watch the show on nbc...they download office episodes straight to their video ipods. weird that so many shows are are doing that now...releases their eps on itunes. i guess that's why viewership is down...you gotta take in account that half the people just wanna watch it tivo-ed, or download to their ipod. but personally, i dont get it...i'd much rather watch the office, or lost, or whatever on my normal sized tv...rather than squinting to watch it on a little gameboy sized screen. well, whatever floats your boat. the premise for the 10 office shorts sounds funny...it focuses around the three accountants of dunder mifflin...they have uncovered that they are missing 3000 dollars, and go about interviewing all the employees to see where it went. although no main characters are in the shorts, besides rain wilson (dwight)....they should still be funny...every character in that show is halarious. a good comedic cast. show check it out july 13th. so the real burning question for the folks at dunder mifflin isn't 'will jim and pam finally hook up' it's WHEN ARE YOU SENDING ME MY PRE-ORDERED DWIGHT SCHRUTE BOBBLEHEAD NBC.COM STORE? come on.

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