Thursday, March 30, 2006

thursday is the new friday

yesterday was FUN. raised hell around toledo. let's see. got there. met will @ the mall. met nick's friend dave. he likes nintendo. then we went to wills. played guitar hero, and will fixed my ps2. then me and will went to popeye's chicken. i wanted to try it cuz i've never been there, AND probably will never go there again. went back to dave's. then we went to the comic shop. i bought a couple of trade's. then we went to alex's and met barry and angela. then we went to new china buffet. then we went back to campus for bullshit. then we went over back to nick's friend dave's to "pre-game" and play more 2-player guitar hero. i win everytime. because i am awesome. we finally make it to connxtions around 9:30. the place is as packed as i've ever seen it. on a fricking wednesday. two guys open up for him...and they are so so. dave attell comes out and he is halarious. he is definatly one of the funniest comedians of all time. a comedian's comedian. had a long set. he drank so much on stage--it was funny. he nursed a beer while he just kept ordering shot after shot of whisky. haha. afterwards me and the boys all hounded him down for pictures. he looked mad, but what do you expect....when you make a college kid pay 30 bucks for a comedy show on a wednesday.....they want their money's worth. i get my picture with him, and say "you were awesome man, you are definatly the dirtiest comedian i've ever seen." to which dave replied "oh, well that's sad for you." afterwards took will back to dave's cuz apparently he "lost his phone" but he had it the whole time. took him home. took barry and angela back to their car. and finally stopped at speedway for a 20-oz cuppacino and drove home. got back around 2 am....but it was worth it. i don't know why i woke up so early. damn body clock. well today's the last day of the week for school...and then it's the weekend people. might do something with trent after class before he leaves for school. that's about it.


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