Wednesday, March 29, 2006

dave attell in toledo!

HELLO. wazzup internet? i did not do much yesterday. i watched king kong during the took me all day because it's 3 hours and 8 minutes. went to class. came back. watched scrubs. excited eh? oh i do love my zach braff. today is fun day! going to toledo in a little bit to hang with peeps all day and then to goto the comedy club see DAVE ATTELL! it's gonna be sweeeeeeet. then it's back to norwalk most likely early early in the a.m. ....cuz i gots class tomorrow. fun stuff.

and now for some fucking horrible news...well for me anyways:
arrested development creator mitch hurwitz is officially leaving the series behind. yes, that means he will have no involvement in the possible transition to showtime. this is horrible. well, atleast you had a good will always be one of my favorites arrested.

but i won't let that get me too down...cuz today should be fun! later.

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