Thursday, March 30, 2006

lost rants

sitting around stalling time till class. decided to watch my two favorite wednesday shows that i missed. i love dv-r. george michael and maybe from arrested development guest star on veronica mars. what a good show. then i start up lost. oooooooooooh yes. it's a john locke flashback ep. so many things happen in this ep, and i'm gonna recall them get ready for the spoilers. siyeed charlie and anna lucia find henry's air baloon, and where he burried his wife. we find out that after locke and sworn to never talk to his father again (after he stole his kidney from him) he was going to propose to his girlfriend...when they find out his father has "died." jack leaves the hatch after argueing with locke and heads for the beach. a weird sounds starts coming out of the loudspeakers....which turns out to be a countdown. blast doors all come down trapping lock and henry in the living room of the hatch. flashback. locke's father faked his own death, and then comes back to locke again. he asks locke to goto a safety deposit box to retrieve some stolen money. back to the hatch. locke and henry try to pry it open with a crowbar and piece of metal...they get a toolbox under the blast door. so locke trys to slip under...when the door comes down on his f-ing legs. flashback. locke picks up his father's money. then returns home in plans to stiff his father and run off with his money....when they two people his father stole the $$$ from show up to confront locke. they leave not knowing locke had the money. locke and henry are stuck in the hatch...locke tells henry to crall through the vent to goto the computer to put in the numbers...but he falls and passes out...meanwhile jack plays sawyer in poker on the beach and wins all the medicine back...but not the guns...flashback. locke gives all the money back to his father. turns out he just wanted to see his father one last time. but ofcourse his bastard father doesnt give a crap and leaves with the money. that's when his fiancee walks in, finds out his father's still alive...and then john proposes and she says no and goes locke just has shit rained on him his whole life up to crashing on this island...and now...the shocker.....the countdown reaches zero. henry doesnt make it to the computer. all the lights go out. blacklights turn on. theres some weird diagram on the blastdoors. tons of writing. locke looks it over. all of a sudden the blast doors go up. the lights go back on. meanwhile jack and kate are walking to the hatch...when all of a sudden the see a strobe light in the middle of the jungle and walk towards it to find a shitload of food with the dharma sign on it. ok?? then they see siyeed charlie and anna lucia. they all run to the hatch. to when they confront "henry gale." siyeed then spouts out that he dug up henry's "wife's grave" to not find a woman's body...but a man's....with an id on him....with what name on the id? "HENRY GALE" ....DUN DUN DUN


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