Monday, May 12, 2008

thanks FOX, you don't suck so bad anymore.

life is good in perrysburg, ohio. erin and justin came up this weekend, and we went to the mall, got sushi and hibatchi, and watched guillermo del toro's 'the orphanage.' which btw was wicked sweet...a refreshing spanish delight. better than all that churned out saw saw-scrap. you should see anything guillermo del toro is involved with. pans labyrinth/hellboy = greatness. today i went around to 4 gamestops seeing about transfering. 1 out of 4 managers was actually there. i called my manager angela and told her about the one, and she said she'd call for me. also, the last gamestop i went to gave me the number of the district manager, for toledo, and i called him and he said he'd look around for me. which is great...i guess there are like 12 gamestops in this area?! nice. i'll get a job eventually...i hope.

but anways, the MAIN REASON i am blogging this blog is that i just got home, and went on to and had a....NERDGASM. this fall i believe FOX is finally redeeming themselves. all you arresteddevelopment fanboys rejoice: mitch hurwitz, jason bateman, will arnett, and henry winkler are returning to FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED.



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