Monday, May 05, 2008

it's been a while internet / iron man

well well well. hello's been a while. i have just been so busy lately...and i've negleted you. i'm sorry internet, please forgive me. so i'm finally moved into my apt. in perrysburg. this semester has just been so crazy. proposed to angela at the end of february, she moved up here at the beginning of march...and i've been coming back and fourth up here every weekend during march/april, moving crap up here. i have alot of crap. last week was really busy. worked last sunday for mario kart release day. had an exam which i crammed all day for on monday. tuesday had to work for the release of grand theft auto iv. wednesday had an exam, and thursday i had my final exam for the semester. it felt nice to finally leave firelands, and move on to main campus. friday i worked my final night at gamestop in the sandusky mall. and ofcourse it was super busy. angela (my manager) and i were the only ones working, and there were two lines out the store all night. mostly sucked. said goodbye...i really enjoyed working there. it has definatly been my favorite job, next to working the go-karts at sports city. angela said she would try to transfer me to a gamestop around perrysburg once i get around to looking for a job. she's so nice. probably the nicest boss i've ever had. she kept trying to convince me to stay on, and commute back. ya i'd like to...but that would suck. saturday morning i got up real early...and started to pack up all the rest of my crap the was left in my basement into the uhaul with angela's brother noah, his friend brian, and her mother donna. we got to perrysburg around noon, moved everything up, and ordered pizza. after unpacking for a while, donna and angela took the uhaul back, while i took noah and brian to nickleworld. i think they enjoyed it. who doesn't like nickleworld?? i dunno...maybe the grinch. or scrooge mcduck. yesterday mom and ma came up to see the apartment. mom took me shopping for food and whatnot, while ma stayed here with angela and taught her how to cook black eye peas pudding, banana pudding, and spring rolls. angela has pretty much learned everything i have wanted her to learn off of my asian food checklist....all that's left is chinese/vietnamese eggrolls and fried rice...which are probably the hardest ones. when mom/ma left, angela and i went to go see IRON MAN. it took all my strength to wait until sunday night...and not go see it thursday night at midnight. and where do i start? i was so happy with this movie.

iron man may be the truest, best conversion from comics to film i've ever seen. every character was dead on. like i had predicted, robert downey was amazing as tony stark. no one could of played him better. no one i tell you. great cast. gweneth paltrow has pepper pot = also wonderful. as for the story...i had no gripes. it was very true to the original story. almost exact. the only thing they really changed = tony stark originally made weapons for the vietnam war...but it makes sense that they updated it to iraq and crap. the suits looked wonderful. just like the comics. oh and jon favreau...I LOVE YOU. he did the best job taking this story to the big screen...i couldn't be happier. he makes a seamless transition from practical special fx to cg fx....and that's when that stuff is the best...when you can't tell the difference....when a movie overuses the just looks hokey and cheesy, a problem i've had with other superhero films in the past. i just might have to say that this is my FAVORITE superhero flick thus far. yes, moreso than spider-man. spider-man i loved, i just had so many nerdy gripes = webbing from his wrists? green gobby looks stupid!!! i had no complaints with this flick. everything was dead on. and the addition of s.h.i.e.l.d. to the story, was a nice touch.... (s.h.i.e.l.d.) is like the superhero government in the marvel universe. ***spoilers*** with a nice little cameo from sam jackson after the credits, as nick fury = leader of shield. which makes sense...since the character of nick fury is based off of sam jackson in the comics as of late. so an avengers movie? that's what they're hinting at. but i don't see it coming any time soon...we still have to see a captain america movie first. and that is a while off.
but go see it. that's all i have to say. you. will. be. pleased.

so that's what's new. i'm finally moved in, and very happy. i'm gonna take the next week as a mini vacation...and finally play the new mario kart and grand theft auto. angela goes away to iowa for three days this week for training for her job, so that gives me primo dvd burning / video game playing time. next week i'm gonna go around to gamestops, seeing if they're hiring. i guess i'm going to spend the summer working, working on my portfolio, etc. it's good times to be jeffrey as of now. i'm happy.

so come visit! but let me know ahead of time. i hate pop ins.

later internet.

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