Wednesday, September 26, 2007

things on my mind, RIGHT NOW.

3 new shows to look out for:

1. the big bang theory:
cbs comedy from the guy who made two and a half men. about two nerds who want to ask out their hot neighbor. i'm still skeptical...the pilot was kind of funny.

2. chuck:
chuck, who works at the 'nerd herd' at a 'buy more' store...gets an email from his old college roommate who he thinks is an 'accountant.' turns out he was a spy, and sent chuck an email with all of the government's secrets. the pilot was surprisingly funny, and action packed....this could be my new favorite show. we'll see if the rest of the season surpasses the pilot.

3. the reaper:
dude finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the devil. now he must become the devil's bounty hunter. pilot directed by kevin smith. hilarious. had a very kevin smith feel. if the show now takes what kevin built and runs with could be good. if it totally goes in a different direction, it could suck. we'll see how it pans out.

those are my 3 new favs so far. tonight THE BIONIC WOMAN premieres, which i am super pysched about. also on tonight -KID NATION- new favorite reality show.

and ofcourse let's new forget tomorrow's big premiere night....mynameisearl and THE OFFICE THE OFFICE THE OFFICE THE OFFICE THE OFFICE THE OFFICE.

ok. that's enough tv.

played alot of halo3 yesterday. the game is badass so far.

i had a good birthday yesterday. (besides the fact that angela got into a car wreck, which is nuts...i'm glad she's ok.) thanks to all those who remembered.

today i'm gonna go turn in that application to gamestop *keep your fingers crossed* and then go get comics. later tonight i guess i'm going to pat catan's and toys r us with mother. meh.

later internet.

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