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office wrapup: i have flaws. what are they? i sing in the shower. i spend too much time volunteering. occasionally, i'll hit somebody with my car.

After one of the longest summers ever, the NBC Gods shined down on us with a SUPERSIZED episode that managed to answer all the questions we’ve had one our minds. And while the first half-hour may not have delivered the huge laughs (though Meredith slamming onto the hood of Michael’s car and the animal-god hybrids were pretty stellar bits), it certainly delivered in the plot points category. It is here where we’d like to send a virtual balloon-bouquet to all of those “Team Pammers” out there who stuck it out, because Karen is F**KING GONE! Outskies! Finito! And you know what? I kinda missed her! Here’s to hoping she’s spending a nice, relaxing vacation with her dad, the G.I.

And now Pam and Jim, or PB&J, are a REALITY. And while we are as happy as anyone to see the two of them glowing like 10th graders, we do sort of miss the awkward tension that these two inherently dorky yet attractive people used to share with one another. Things just seem too perfect! Even the way they looked - Pam’s whole wardrobe, makeup and hair was so different… it sort of didn’t feel like our good ol’ Pam. Actually, now that we think about it, EVERYONE looked better: Michael was tan as ever, Angela looked less uptight (dare we say, we liked her blouse? It would be a perfect addition to our sheer, colonial top collection!), Dwight looked less morticiany… even Stanley came off as more debonair. Maybe being stars of their own Office documentary has finally gotten to all of their heads?

Here’s how the episode went down: Michael hits Meredith with his car. He tells his coworkers that the doctors did everything they could to save her… and that she’s going to be fine. Stanley gets, understandably, upset (I believe the exact quote is “What is wrong with you?”) Jim and Pam glow. Kevin figures there’s something going on between them and, as per usual, is somehow way ahead of the game. Oscar is gay. Ryan has grown a beard, lives in New York, and is an a-hole. He has also perfected his Jan impression (”Yes, Michael.”), and Jan has perfected her “I’ve completely lost my mind and have given up on life” impersonation. Angela sends Dwight to her house to take care of Sprinkles, her beloved white cat, whom Angela had grown quite close with (insert drop dead hilarious photo montage here.) Dwight returns with the news that not only did Angela leave her television on… but Sprinkles is dead. Mmjeez! Also, Meredith has not only been bitten by a bat, but also a raccoon and a rat. And, while we’re getting into details, the cameras catch PAM AND JIM KISSING IN A CAR! While this was definitely a big payoff, something about it felt a little “acted” and “cutesily forced.” We wanted the first kiss (or second, depending on how you look at it) to be heart-felt and meaningful, not shot from far away in the front seat of a car! Yes, I am being picky. And yes, I am still elated, so cool down.

THEORY: Stanley is an excellent crossword puzzlist.
THEORY #2: I might be developing a crush on new, relaxed, nipple-padded Andy.

Moving along. Michael decides the office is cursed and blames Satan, i.e. Toby. The doctors tell Michael that it’s a good thing Meredith came in, as she also needed to get a rabies series. Seeing a golden opportunity to place the blame on someone else, Michael decides to schedule a “Fun Run” to help cure rabies, even though there already, technically, is a cure. Andy shows some tenderness to Angela, meaning we’re placing our bets now that these two hook-up sometime this year. This will be the romance of Season 4, trust!

Here, in my opinion, is where the episode turned HILARIOUS. I am thus calling it Act II. Act II begins with 3 simple words: Bat Birth Control. Pam knocks on Michael’s door to tell him that 5K does not stand for 5,000 miles, only to find Michael PANTSLESS AND NUDE! Michael’s “baguette” was on full display! Not like the biker/shorts he donned did much to hide his junk anyway. Then, we see Jim shirtless. AYAYAY. Enjoy.

Creepy of me? Maybe. But hey, I’ve waited months for this. Moving along… THE FUN RUN! This had to be one of the funniest Office bits from any of the seasons! I believe the serious guffaws kicked off with Daryl feeding a squirrel a peanut, and taking such delight in “how happy he is.” We find out that Creed is 82, and might I also say the drinks and lunch between Stanley, Oscar and Creed might be my favorite thing of the episode? (I believe Stanley consumed 4 beers.) Well, after Andy’s nipple chaffing of course. Sure, it was a little “over the top”, but tell me you did not pee in your pants when the guy rolls up with two red stains on his shirt. Or that you did not die laughing when Toby threw a cup of water at Jan!

QUOTE BREAK: “Rabies victims have to live with an irrational fear of water their entire lives.”

" border="0" alt="" />It was nice to see all of the characters involved in the run — from Billy Merchant in his wheelchair to the burly Bob Vance, and even Kevin giving it his all and blocking Andy’s draft. It was also nice to see TOBY FLENDERSON FINALLY WIN SOMETHING! And then sit beside Kelly, who, for once in her life, had nothing to say. Might we also say we appreciated Michael Scott’s makeshift trophy, because, as most of you know, he loves lamp.

QUOTE BREAK: “While I eventually puked my guts out, I never puked my heart out.”

After the jump, MY OVERALL THOUGHTS! And some links!

42 minute recap now complete, here are my thoughts overall. I certainly laughed quite a bit, and of course, seeing as it’s my favorite show on television, I was elated to be blessed with a new episode. That being said, something did feel a tiny bit off. Many of the main characters didn’t seem “themselves”: Andy acting relaxed and non-confrontational, Jim and Pam being adorable and lovey dovey and blunt with their fellow officemates, Dwight killing Angela’s cat. Something didn’t feel fully true! (Am I alone on this? I was an extremely sensitive child.) This small critique aside (downplaying, downplaying), I found the episode thoroughly entertaining. And look forward to the role Andy’s going to play this season.

Here’s the good news: Those of you that missed the episode or want to rewatch it (which should be all of you), NBC has the FULL EPISODE online! Sure, you have to sit through some pretty annoying ads, but it’s a small price to pay. And they already have a deleted scene up, which seems to confirm that Kelly is, in fact, depressed.

do you think they took cabs back to the office or walked the entire 5K again?

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