Friday, January 05, 2007

last night's THE OFFICE

"officially, i did not see her. but i did see jan there. in our room. at night. and in the morning. that's all i'm going to say. sex. we had sex. i had sex with her. i had sex with jan."

A big thank you to NBC, who didn’t wait long after ‘07 to deliver a brand new eppy of The Office. The Christmas cliffhanger had us guessing who Michael was taking with him to an all-inclusive Sandals resort in Jamaica… more like Janaica, if you read us. Michael returns to his Dunderlings with 3 beads dangling in his hair, a faux “Hey Mon” accent, and a certain glow we had trouble putting our finger on. Turns out Michael took Jan, aka “Urkel Grue”, whose near nude topless photo ends up in the wrong hands… that is to say, everyone’s hands. In the meantime, Karen and Jim have their first fight, and Pam steps it up to make sure the two stay together, only to have a sobbing breakdown in the end. (Let’s not even talk about Dwight’s “Who did this to you? Where is he?” heroism. Angela’s in very safe, calloused hands.)

So, folks, Michael and Jan — the couple we’ve really been waiting to see get together — are dating! Romantically, this is exciting, but the comedic possibilities with this relationship are endless. It also means there will be an increase in Carelliness-per-episode, which is always a good thing. Case in point: The first NBC deleted scene.

Do you guys see a future for Michael and Jan? Or do I need to realize that this is a fictitious sit-com involving written characters? *

*Don’t answer that.

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