Sunday, January 07, 2007

hibatchi shrimp, a crappy waitress, shopping, LOST, sideburn trimming, dim sum, hanging out, having fun, and god loves you equally in the balcony.

well, this is it. the last blog post before the start of the spring semester of 2007. i havn't really blogged at all this week...i've been trying to take it easy, relax, and enjoy the last 7 days of my christmas vacation. what have i been doing? ummmm.... tuesday (1/2/07) was an angela free day. i missed her alot, but managed to entertain myself. trent came over and we watched some dane cook dvds. i went to the office bar and hung out with derek and wasn't the same without angela being there. wednesday (1/3/07) angela and i went to the japanese steak house after she got off work when i met her in sandusky. i had hibatchi steak while angie had some sushi. it was good. angela brought up to the chef that i was asian so we spoke of asian was enjoyable. thursday (1/4/07) i took angela up to bowling green to buy her books for this coming semester. we made it there without getting lost and found the book store easily. afterwards we played 'area 51' in an arcade in the student union. that was sweet. then we went home...and went to eat at the olive garden. our waitress was incredibly crappy. she brought angela the wrong dinner. she took FOREVER. but i still gave her a 20 percent tip because 1. i am awesome 2. i am a nice guy 3. the table behind was was complaining about her and 4. she was probably having a very crappy day. we went home and watched the new episode of the office. it was so hilarious. i'm glad i got angela hooked on that show and that we can both enjoy it together. one of the best shows on tv. it was cool...angela had friday, sat, and sunday off. THE WHOLE WEEKEND. she never gets alot of days we took advantage of it with some primo angela/jeffrey time. friday (1/5/07) we went shopping all day. ya this is not usually one of my most favorite things to do, but it was very enjoyable with ang. everything is to tell you the truth. we returned things from christmas. all i basically bought was clothes. i desperatly needed new pants because all my jeans had holes in the crotches. i bought some dickies. i bought a couple of tshirts from the topic of hot. i bought 3 nice dress shirts from pac sun. i returned the shoes that ang got me there from christmas, and got some sweet new ones. i like them cuz they are replicas of the ones 'charlie' wears in LOST. ya, that's why i like them. took angela's belt back to express to get one that fit me. i felt UUBER preppy even being in this store. but i found a sweet sweater that didn't make me feel preppy. its cool. i bought a hair trimming set so angela can trim my sideburns and neck hair. she did it with scissors friday morning, and did a pretty sweet job...but now we're prepared for future trimmings. so i've worn the same cologne since like 7th grade....good ol' 'curve' we were looking for a new cologne for me. didn't have any luck. we went home, and ate dinner with ang's parents and her brother noah at the sandbar. friday night i like kneed angela in the but and woke her up. we had switched sides during the night...i thought i was on the opposite side and decided to stretch...but ended up kneeing her really was funny. saturday (1/6/07) we went to cleveland for DIM SUM. this was quite the little adventure. erin and her boyfriend josh came to our house in the morning, and then we went to pick up trent. after that we left for cleveland. i knew how to get there, but after being on the road for a while, i missed our exit...and we got lost for a little bit. we had to turn around, and get back on and on our way. and while everyone was screaming at me and yelling different things into my ear i didnt see a cop on the side of the road and got pulled over. and yes, i got a ticket. ugh. like 72 in a 60. COME ON. there were NO SPEED LIMIT SIGNS...i thought it was ATLEAST 65. as if the getting lost, and ticket was not enough... when getting to the asian market i dropped my phone in a muddy puddle and it busted in half. WONDERFUL. we got there and i tried to hide my pissed-off-ness so dim summy for our tummies was nice and happy for everyone else. since this was everyone's first time (except for me and mr trent sir) i ordered everything for everyone. everyone seemed to enjoy it. it was a gay ol' time. (in the flinstones sense, not the homosexual sense.) afterwards, we walked around all the asian stores...and had a good time. we even went to the asian market afterwards. we made our way home relativly smoothly...besides the fact that i almost got us lost AGAIN. but whatever. got home, and got yelled at by my father, and then my mother. i REALLY did not want this speeding ticket. it's not like i was acting 'like a fool' and going crazy. damnit. angelina paulina and i took it easy that night, and went to iga to get some food to cook for dinner. we made some potatoe wedges with cheese and bacon and sour cream, and chicken legs in italian dressing. it was FREAKING WONDERFUL. after that we even made cookies. we are like martha stuart and emeril. BAM. WE KICK IT UP A KNOTCH. ya, i said it. after that angela and i watched the two 'father of the bride' movies before falling asleep. i then proceeded to do my best martin short as fronk impression for the rest of the weekend. hehe. sunday (1/7/07) ((today)) angela came to church with us. after getting there and having the parents try and sit us DOWNSTAIRS (the suck) we went upstairs in the balcony to sit (good.) i endulged the parents afterwards and graced them with my presence for lunch and we all went out to casa fiesta. yay. ang and i laid around all day watching LOST and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and then went over to ang's house for dinner. we went to drugmart to get icecream and rent pirates of the caribbean2 for her mom, and then came back to her house to watch one more ep. of LOST. we then laid around and talked about how we love each other, and how we will miss each other now that she's going to main campus and school is starting tomorrow and all that wondeful stuff. so there. that's this week. i really had the best christmas break. i am totally RECHARGED. maybe the best christmas i've had...well...ever. spent some quality time with family, my girlfriend, and good friends. i am ready to kick ass at this semester. i'm taking two art classes...and two general courses. i did fine last semster, and plan to do just as good this one. i just wanna get done with college. i WILL keep succeeding at firelands, and move on to main campus. I WILL graduate. I WILL not suck anymore. that's a promise. 2005 sucked hard. 2006 was a major improvement. started becoming a good student again. got my mind back on track. found the best GIRLFRIEND a little amerasian nerd from 26 stoutenburg dr. could ever want. life is good. and i'm not going to screw it up. that's it folks. hoped you enjoyed this extra long blog. 2007 will be good. i can feel it.

later internet...wish me luck tomorrow morning.


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