Monday, January 15, 2007

first week of the semester, angie's birthday, and old friends.

wow. it's been like a week since i blogged last. and it's been a VERY busy week. yet it was also interesting, and fun as well. last monday was the start of the spring semester. here's what my schedule is looking like this semester:

monday and wednesday:

1. art 103 8:30-11:20
2. art 112 1:30-4:15

tuesday and thursday:

1. geog 225 11:30-12:50
2. eng 200 2:30-3:50

it's not that bad of a schedule. besides the early class on mon and wed. i get a little break between classes all week to get lunch, and get work done too. monday and tuesday were basically 'syllabus' days, getting to know the professors, getting course requirements and syllabus's...etc. my two art classes are going to be fun. the one @ 8:30 is drawing. 2d art last semester was basically learning all the fundamentals and whatnot, now i'm getting into the meaty art classes. drawing will be fun. we'll be drawing a still life all damn semester. 2nd art class is 3d art. which should be cool as well. geog is okay. i'm just gonna do my homework and get it seems to be boring. but i do what i gotta do. my english class seems really cool. it's called gothic horror and literature. i think it's gonna be sweet. my prof seems cool...he dresses in all black. the first class we watched the pilot episode for an obscure horror cult tv show called 'american gothic.' it was really cool. we read 'crouch end' ...a short story by steven king. then we talked about the elements of horror/terror. i think i shall really like this class. although i have like 7 books for it. it's gonna be alot of reading. i spent ALOT of $$$ on supplies this semester.not so much on the books, well excluding english, i bought ALOT of art supplies. 3d art gave me the biggest supplies list of alot of crap. so the past week i have been getting accostumed to my new schedule, and my new classes. not only have i been getting used to my new classes and semester, i'm also getting used to angela's new schedule as well. for the bulk of our relationship she's been at firelands. i met her there. well this semester she begins commuting to and from main campus for classes. this is not that big of a deal...but it kinda sucks cuz i miss her. she goes to class all day on tuesdays and thursdays. and on mondays and wednesdays she is probably gonna work. we have the same breaks during our tuesdays and thursdays so we call each other and talk. but it's not that would be bad if she was living up there...then that would suck. wednesday after class and met me at firelands and we went to lowes to get some of my 3d art supplies. it really sucked. i am not the carhart jacket, timberland boots, carpenter jeans wearing....tim allen from home improvement sort of guy. so i was totally lost in lowes. it took forever to get all my supplies. afterwards we went to the japense steak house for dinner. we got seated at the same hibatchi table with a family. there was a little girl and a boy. i swear the little girl looked exactly like 'olive' from 'little miss sunshine.' it was funny cuz when we were walking into the restaraunt angela said to me 'jeff, she's olive from little miss sunshine.' it was weird cuz i was gonna say that to her at the exact moment. anyways, the mom was ugly, and the worst part of the whole family was the father. fat. typical hillbilly idiot with one ear ring. he proceeded to talk the ENTIRE time we were there to the cook. saying things like "OH I EAT ASIAN CUISINE ALL THE TIME." "it's my favorite." "i'm awesome i eat asian food every day....asian people are my friends...i eat dim sum...when its bad i tell them to send it back...cuz i know asian cuisine....etc" this guy was a total dueschbag. ang and i just kept looking at each other wishing this guy would shut the hell up. when the cook left he proceeded to talk to me the whole time about how he loved asian food. it suuuuuuuuuuucked. next time we request our own hibatchi table. after class on thursday i went to fremont for comics. when ang got back we went to danni boys for dinner. damn i love that place. we came back and watched the office. REALLY FUNNY THIS WEEK. oh yeah and if all this wasn't enough this basement is flooding, so i've had to move shit around all order for it to get fixed. the basement smells like poop cuz of the mold from the water. this does not make me happy...but atleast nothing was damaged...i wouldn't of known what to do. so after a very tiring week, it was finally the weekend. and it was time to party. brandon and trent decided to come home for the entire weekend, since we have today off (mlk day). so we hung out all weekend, and it was just like old times all over again. i havn't seen brandon in years, i really miss the kid. plus i really wanted him and ang to meet each other. friday night we all just hung out at my house. we played alot of wii multiplayer. we drank some alcohol. was just hung out, had some laughs, and a good time. saturday was angela's 22nd birthday. i really wanted to give her a good birthday, because she talks about how none of her previous birthdays have really been all that special. so in the afternoon i went to iga to get stuff to cook her dinner. i cooked chicken and peppers. and it turned out pretty damn good. i also made her a 'funfetti' cake....which kind of caved in and looked like shit, but tasted really good anyways. it was a good dinner. i got her a necklace for her birthday. i really think she like it. she wore it all weekend. trent and brandon and matt came over later to play a few video games, and then we went out to the bars. we got to the office bar and everyone complained that everyone in there was over 30 so we decided to go to the glass bar first. and ofcourse, it was worse. no one was in there, but there was a distinct fragrance of POOP. yes, the entire bar smelled of poop. we all had one drink and left the 'poop bar' as ang called it. we then went to the shamrock. trent and brandon only wanted to go there to see if liz would be there, for an awkward situation for me. (how nice) she wasn't there, so we went back to the office bar. and the partying commenced. we all proceeded to get drunk. we all sang karoake. it was sweet. i sang tenacious d's 'f*** her gently' ...then brandon and i sang "i touch myself." complete with dance moves. we only got called gay once. ang and trent sang 'pour some sugar one me." by this time we were all pretty drunk. it was a good time. then me and brandon decided to sing 'kriss kross: jump." ....not a good idea. 1. i was too drunk. 2. all we knew was the chorus: 'jump.' it was a mess. haha. trent , matt, and ang sang 'hot in here.' and then i experienced the greatest event of my entire existence. trent sang dmx's 'up in here.' he knew all the words. it was so damn funny. i laughed so hard i almost lost my voice. good times. by then it was about last call, and we all left. sunday was fun too. brandon trent matt and i all went out to eat at the olive garden. afterwards we came back and played scattegories, and a little nintendo. ang had alot of fun playing scattegories. today we all went out to pizza hut brunch. then trent and brandon headed home. it was a good week, and a GREAT weekend. it was awesome hanging out with my old friends, it was as if no time had passed. i was glad ang got to meet brandon, and that we all got along so well. well the weekend's over, and now it's time to get back to schoolwork. owell, atleast this week'll be alittle shorter. well...that's all i got.

until next time book o' jeff-ers.
this is jeffrey, signing off.
later internet.

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