Saturday, January 13, 2007's office summary

STANLEY.JPGWe’re gonna go ahead and say it: Last night’s episode of The Office was our favorite of the season. It had everything a perfect episode needs: Hilarious one-liners, fantastic character interaction, exciting plot development, and Harvey, the talking Boobs robot (post-it note eyes = tree-fibered gold.) The coworkers team up and venture out in pairs in a non-competitive, untimed Amazing Race to sell Dunder-Miflin products. Phyllis (who we adore) hits the beauty salon, and turns Karen into “Ka-Wreennn” from Goodfellas, Dwight and Jim are “the Gay team”, Ryan pulls a “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration” while on the road with a perkier-than-usual Stanley, and Andy really “schrutes” his relationship with Michael, cranking up the Massengil factor to previously unseen heights. The pairings were perfect, and gave us some sorely missed quality Jim/Dwight time. Plus, the lipstick cams brought to mind something else we’ve been missing — Taxicab Confessions. It’s been years since we’ve seen a meth addict in the back of a car on her way to kill her pimp, ya’ll. Moving on.

So why was this episode the best? First and foremost, we saw the softer, more mature side of Michael Scott. From his refusal to join in the Dwight bashing, to his level-headed Everyman sales technique, to his child-like EQ (Ex.: “You better think about this long and hard.” “That’s what she said.” “Don’t you dare.”), deep down he’s a decent, albeit clueless, kinda guy. Plus, Phyllis dropped the long-dreaded Pam Bomb on Karen, casually mentioning how Jim used to have a “thing” for her. A little bit of us died when hearing that last night.

DWIGHTJIM.JPGLet’s also take a moment to obsess about Angela and Dwight, the most functional couple on TV… Sure, Dwight has his flaws and looks like one of the Buttmans from In Living Color, but way to be a real man, guy! His quitting at the end left us with a few questions: 1. How many minutes into the next episode until he comes crawling back? (Or Michael crawls back to him?) 2. How many minutes until Angela slits Andy’s face, ear to ear? and 3. What will Jim do in his spare time now that Dwight’s gone?

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