Friday, January 19, 2007's office summary

1 2 office michael.JPGWell, it’s taken months of torture, longing glances, hinting text messages, and passion-less Karen exchanges, for Jim to finally admit to the world (and Karen) what we already knew: He still has feelings for Pam! Half of us is like “Poor Karen”, and then the other half is “Eff Karen!”, because really, it’s fiction after all, and in this little fictional planet, Jim and Pam are MFEO. In other news, Oscar is back! In a Lexus S.U.V. no less (more than enough room for a burro in the back.) And the Dunderlings celebrate with a little Swanson’s chimichanga, “Mexican lemoñade”, and heartache.

Dwight leaves. Angela is down and out. Andy has absolutely no competition when it comes to being Michael’s bestie (Single White Female anyone?) And Dwight ends up selling paper for funerals at Staples (Side note: What a distracting outside promotional stint! Between the Staples shredder and last night’s in-store placement, we can’t help but cringe at the irony that real life Dunder Miflins are being trounced by this constant Staples promotional badgering.) It was good to see Dwight eventually take his pain out on a single, poor, paper burro. Blindfolds? He doesn’t need one.

1 2 jiim.JPGBut Michael seems… different. Like, depressed different. You would think, what with his new ladyfriend and all, that the man would be more sprightly than ever. But we found his demeanor quite sad yesterday — obviously because Andy is sucking the ever-living life out of him. Watching Michael get a taste of his own stalkery medicine last night, we couldn’t help but wish things were back to their old ways. Then again, we always do appreciate a wall-punching freak-out, so maybe it’s a trade off. Now that Dwight is back, we can only hope the spark will be back a-glintin’ in Michael’s eye.

God bless the NBC higher-ups for releasing a hearty producer’s cut to watch online — if only for more snow in the convertible scenes. You can relive your favorite quotes (we were overwhelmed) at OfficeTally. How long until the freaking Stamford people are gone for good? We’ll be setting our egg timers in anticipashe.

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