Sunday, January 21, 2007

another week in jeffreyland.

well hello there. once again, it's been about a week since i've blogged. things are busy these days, i just don't have that much time to blog. but i'm gonna atleast try and give weekly updates. let's see.... the 2nd week of the semester is going very well. drawing foundations is really fun. we've basically just been drawing the same still life that we did last week, and will be doing the rest of the semester. but i'm not only drawing, but learning lots of new techniques to draw. i guess that's what the whole class is about, right? we've been gesture drawing, and contour drawing. it's fun. 3-d art is really fun too. after getting the crapload of supplies we finally started working this week. we got into it, and got dirty... and starting to making plaster. it was fun. really messy. i guess this week we'll be starting to carve, and scupt our first sculptures. should be fun. and in geography we're talking about, well, geography. and tourism. it's boring, but easy. and probably the coolest class i'm taking this semester, (which is a complete surprise) is eng: gothic horror and literature. i'm really enjoying it. i have a really cool professor, we're reading some really cool horror stories, (short stories, my fav) and watching some cool shows: american gothic, and the twilight zone...and engaging in some really cool discussions about what horror, and terror, and the supernatural and uncanny really are. it's neat. so school's going really good. the downstairs of our house is still all awry. the carpet is all ripped up because of the flooding, and some dude has been coming in all weekend to work on it. i guess he's fixed everything up, now we just have to wait for the carpet cleaners to come in, and then i have to wait like 3 days till everything cools off or something? it's just really been a big fat BITCH...cuz i wanna be back downstairs...all my stuff is all over the place...and i've been sleeping up in ma's room. not kosher. plus ma comes home this friday...i would like to be back in the basement by then. ugh. and as for my personal life...(i know you're dying to know, right?) ...angela and i are doing really good. she's so awesome. as of this weekend, we've been together for about 3 months. it's been really fun. um let's see...what did we do? ummm. thursday night we went to danni boys to eat dinner. i freaking love that place. we celebrated our 3 months. came back to enjoy 'the office' ....our fav show. played some warioware on wii. just took it easy and had fun. friday we went out to eat with angela's parents. they go to the sandbar in huron like EVERY week. it's not too shabby. i kind of like it. afterwards we just went back to angela's house and hung out with her family and her little brother. her dad has like the biggest record collection ever. he played me some johnny cash cuz ang told him i like him. we hung out and talked to noah about stuff. we watched an episode of LOST. i'm so happy i got her obsessed with that show as well. angela is so cool...she'll give anything i like a chance...she won't just shoot it down. saturday we hung out and angela made dinner with my mother. yes, we sat down and had dinner with my mother and father. i tried to be as civil as possible. it was actually sort of normal. way to go angela. and then today i havn't been doing much. angela's been at work all day and all i've really been doing is watching tv and doing my art sketches for 2d art. i think now i'm going over to matt's to play some guitar hero. i kick his ass everytime. for i am asian video game player to the extreme. hope everything's going well for you people...cuz life in jeffreyland is pretty damn sweet.


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