Friday, September 01, 2006

my thoughts

why do middleaged men and hillbillies all where their cell phones on their belts? why do they feel the need to put a holster on their side, displaying their phone for all to see? ok, your holster is impressive. yes, i see that your phone is swiveling on your belt. yes we get it: you have a cell phone. so does every other child, teen, and grandma in the united states. you're not special. you can pick that cell phone up at a moment's notice, and use it. wow, i'm impressed. it's not like the early 90's... where cell phone's are gigantic. it's 2006. cell phones are tiny. put it in your freaking pocket like everyone else. you're not special.

and don't even get me started about the blue tooth people. you suck too.


i picked up 'starfox command' for gameboy ds. it's sweet. it's hard to get used to at first, because for controls you just use the touchpad, and one button... opposed to the wonderful controls of the 64 version, and the updated gamecube controls. it's sweet though.

that's it. this weekend's gonna be like any other. comics. maybe a movie. a whole lotta lounging. no school on monday dude.


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