Sunday, September 03, 2006

my boring ass life

things i have been doing this weekend:

-took one trip to fremont

-read 3 trade paperback's (fables vol. 5, 100 bullets vol. 7, batman/superman/wonder woman: trinity) along with the weekly stack of marvel, dc, and indies

-ate one pizza post pizza, with breadsticks and pizza sauce

-ate one take home dinner from olive garden (chicken parmesian)

-devoured about 6 crunch ice cream bars (mmmmm they are good)

-watched 11 episodes of 24 season 1 (and also learned that kiefer sutherland is super badass, and wondered why i havn't started to watched the show earlier, cuz it is badass)

-went back and fourth from blockbuster, burning lots of dvds

-watched ALOT of tv

-played ALOT of starfox command on gameboy ds

and i can't think of anything else. normally i would be in a crappy mood-because on sundays i usually have to do homework, but i am procrastinating because i have all day tomorrow to do that sucky stuff. that's how i will spend my day off. super.

here are the new releases for the week of 9.3.06:

dvds: : new this week on dvd: LOST season 2 ...that's like all that intrests me

comics: : new comics a day later this week, because of labor day

video games: will not load for me today, so look it up for yourself dorks

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