Monday, September 25, 2006

"HEROES" on nbc

remember when tv sucked? when all the shows seemed like they were just being churned out...all alike, all staple crap, all lame? THAT IS NOT THE CASE ANYMORE. tv is good again. shows are new and innovative. this makes me happy.

i just sat down and watched the pilot show of 'heroes' on nbc. and man... was it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FRIGGIN SWEET.

let me elaborate...

this is a show about superheroes. but not your usual tights wearing, catch phrase saying, evil villian fighting superhero. oh no. something quite different. these heroes are regular people. mixed into the croud. regular people. who have amazing powers. these people, spread across the earth, all have a destiny. they are all connected. they all will some day come together to save the earth from destruction. I LOVE IT.

a highschool cheerleader. who cannot hurt herself. she has 'wolverine' like powers, super fast healing.

two brothers, somehow connected.... feeding on each other to generate their power. flight.

an artist/heroin addict. he paints the future before it happens.

an internet stripper. someone is watching her, talking to her, helping her do things...but who? is it herself?

and my personal favorite... a nerd from japan...who has the power to manipulate the space/time continuim....he can teleport.

they are all connected. they all have a greater calling. they will all come together. great pilot....i loved it. as the season continues i guess more people will be revealed, with more powers. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW! and if you missed it, there's an encore tomorrow night at 8. regularly mondays @9. KICKASS. and followed by the also great 'studio60 on the sunset strip' @ 10. way to go nbc. you're cool.

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