Monday, September 25, 2006

wasting time between classes...

waddup? you know what? the last thing i wanna be doing on my friggin birthday is going to class from 1-9. the old jeffrey would of skipped all of my classes today. the new, studious jeffrey... sucks it up. meeeeeeeeeeh. atleast when i get home, i can watch 'HEROES' on abc...if dad didn't somehow manage to screw up the tivo recording.

1. here's some halo3 news for you dorks out there:

2. in honor of the jewish new year, play this flash game:
Try your best to pick up as many tequila bottles as possible while also avoiding state troopers and those pesky Flying Stars O’David.

and lastly...

3. muppets + n.w.a. =

that's all i got for now. later.

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