Sunday, September 24, 2006

end of the weekend.

well. had somewhat of a long weekend. yesterday bryan cindy brady and riley came over for pizza, watched part of the lion king. later trent and i went to see jackass number 2. today we had brady's 1st birthday party at our house. i guess since tomorrow i turn 22, it's time for me to start growing up? owell i'm still in my 20's... i can still be somewhat immature. i guess your 30's are when you become a grown up. the few pics that dad took i posted on my flickr page, which is now full. anyone have any suggestions for another free picture sharing website? i'm done with flickr now i guess. here:

so it's a new week, here are the new releases for the week of 9.24.06:

dvd: : curious george, the fast and the furious: tokyo drift, the lake house, wow...dvd releases suck this week.

video games:;new_releases : new this week in video games: NOTHING. SUCK.


man, new releases this week blow. ehhh.


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