Thursday, August 24, 2006

last day of the first week...

i've been blogging for a long time. is this the 'journal' for my generation? will i look back and read this when i'm 40?? will i still be blogging when i'm 40? or maybe i'll just be dictating my thoughts to a floating orb named steve6775-c. that would be cool.

dude. it's thursday already. i made it through yesterday. mondays and wednesdays are gonna be sort of marathons.... being on campus from 1-9 is really exhausting. especially when every class was just lectures. but hopefully we'll start DOING something in 2D soon. but art history is gonna be LECTURES all year long. that's gonna suuuuuuck. and psychology isn't too bad. well today is the last class of the week....intro to programming again. i'm actually looking forward to it. the first class was fun. so this semester isn't looking toO bad.... as long as i keep up with everything. i pretty much don't have the urge to skip class and play hooky anymore.... what else do i have to do? nothing really. does this mean i'm growing up? naw.... i still like teenage mutant ninja turtles and read comic books. silly me. so yeeeah... nothing else to say at this point, gonna get in the shower... do some homework, go to class.... then maybe i'll go see the will ferrell movie tonight if i'm bored.


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