Wednesday, August 23, 2006

first week day 3 of 4

waddup? well the first week of class is going relatively well. yesterday i had my first 'intro to programming' class....and it was really fun actually. we jumped right into it, and started using the 'visual basic' or whatever it's called... and made a program for windows. i made a little box with three buttons, and when u click the button it said "that's it! i've had it with these mofo snakes on this mofo plane!" the class is kind of intimidating, but i think it will be fun... i ready to learn all this nerdy crap. the teacher told me i should maybe be thinking of minoring in computer science? uh.... we'll see how i like the class. after class went and got more art supplies at staples. OH... and did i mention i got another freaking ticket yesterday? apparently i did not fully stop at a stop sign on whittlesy towards 250. and that pretty much made me late for class. but i still got there. bajesus. so today i have to sit through class from 1-9.... i think this is gonna get a little tiresome.... it's a long time to be on campus mon/wed. owell. suck it up slacker. and i can't even go to fremont today, like i usually do every wednesday.... ugh i'll have to probably wait until friday to get fresh comics. noooooooo. let's just hope all my comics are 'pulled' into my box. ....i'm such a nerd.


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