Thursday, May 04, 2006

stupid plumb ers

i hate it when i want to sleep in, BUT CRAP WAKES ME UP. like my mother calling to tell me that plumbers are coming okay? UGH. can you tell i'm grumpy this mourning??????
lost was so friggin good last night. only like two episodes left? what am i gonna do when this television season is over? theres only like two more weeks left. atleast there are a couple of shows that are new this summer. thanks to hbo. 3rd season of deadwood and 3rd season of entourage start in june. and the 3rd season of rescue me starts the end of this month. yay. let's see today.... pretty much nothing. i have to show up at my sociology class @ 7 evaluate the class for like 10 minutes....then i can leave....THEN I'M DONE WITH THE SPRING SEMESTER! woo who. what am i gonna do today? probably watch more 3rd rock from the sun season 4 on dvd like the loser i am. later.

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