Thursday, May 04, 2006

damn, LOST

after two weeks of waiting for a new episode....lost doesn't dissapoint. we see anna lucia flashbacks. the reason she went to sydney was to be jack's father's "bodyguard." she killed the dude, so she quit being a cop because her mom new, so then she ended up being a "wand waver" at the airport where she met jack's father at the airport bar. on the island anna lucia tries to kill henry gail, but he ends up almost strangling her to death. michael is back, and he says that he knows all about the others, that they are weak, and that the survivors could take them. so jack and kate go to get the guns back from sawyer. so then michael is talking to anna lucia, she tells michael that she couldnt kill henry, and michael asks for the gun and says he'll do it. and here's the spoiler kids: michael shoots and kills anna lucia...hurley's new girlfriend libby runs in the hatch at that point, and he shoots her twice. so michael then opens the armory where henry is locked up, and shoots himself in the shoulder. wtf. title screen comes up and the episode is over. it's almost the end of the 2nd season, and somehow this show leaves me with a gaping open mouth at the end of every episode. thank you jj abrams. i am your fanboy.

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