Sunday, May 14, 2006

new releases and WHATNOT

sooo i gots more stuff to talk about before i get off oanh's laptop tonight....

here are the new releases for this week:

dvd: :
good one's this week: well i dunno if this one's good cuz i havn't seen it (doogal) but i'm gonna rent it cuz kevin smith is one of the featured voices. actually i heard it was a shitty unoriginal kiddie movie, haha but i'll still rent it. the ringer, with jonny knoxville...which i saw in theatres and was actually pretty's a farelly bros. movie. and i save the best for last: THE PRODUCERS:THE MOVE MUSICAL comes out. sweeeeet. rent it and have some mel brooks musical enjoyment. i absolutly love the producers. thanks mel.

video games: :
omigod actually a SWEET week in gaming this super mario bros. is out for ds, and the x-men3 official game is out as well. hopefully it won't come to me whore-ing myself for video game money...cuz hey...i'm not getting a job.

the geek books(COMICS):

and in other news...when i got on the internet today and went to the good old i found out that the clerksII date has been pushed up?? SWEET. thanks kevin. now the movie is out for a july 21st release....YES....the movie will be going up against monster house, and shamalon's 'lady in the water'...two movies i want to see as well. but i know i'll see clerks i wanna see a S H I T L O A D of movies this summer. love it.

what else? ummmm ya so e3 was last week....and i havn't watched any of the g4 coverage yet. so once i get back in the 'walk i got like 4 days of 3 hour live e3 footage to enjoy. yay. and yes, there will be dork blogging that follows. but here's a little taste from the lovely to hold you over...

hands on wii controller:

more wii:

ps3 inside and out:

indiana jones 2007!

super mario galaxy!!


that's it for now. more e3 shit after i watch all the tivo-ed g4 and get pumped up...

and jeffrey is now signing off for tonight....i'm tired...and we're getting up early tomorrow.

later noobs.

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