Sunday, May 14, 2006


alright, alright, alright. waddup bookofjeff-er's??? yes, i know...i've been depriving you of all things jeffrey for the past couple of days. oh but don't comes the jeffrey-update. let's see....... last time i blogged was thursday night, right?? well let's see if my crappy memory is any's the recap. i ended my thursday night watching the season finales of my two favorite nbc comedies: my name is earl, and the office. two finales that were actually decent. my name is earl ended it's first season with earl trying to cross off his number one on his list. funny stuff. such a funny, well rounded cast: ethan stuplee and jason lee have come such a long way since mallrats. the office had a great finale too. all the things finally happend that the story arc was leading up to. if you don't like this really suck. you gotta give props to a show that can make you laugh and skirm uncomfortably equally. that leads to friday. got up at like 7 something...shower...and then the crazy family is off for chicago. it took a while to get there...maybe like 6 and a half woulda been like a good 5...if we didn't get lost. but hey, that's expected. we can never get anywhere successfully. ummmmm so we get to the giacalone's...and it's pretty much a madhouse. children running wild... but you know, it's fun. i enjoy sitting, smirking, and laughing to myself at house insane my family is. we all really didn't do anything on friday, but convene together. when we were done ha ma me mom and dad drove like 15 minutes off to our hotel...the hyatt. one would think that the hyatt is fancy right? well their pull out couches SUCK. my back hurts. saturday we all got up around ten..and drove back to the giacalone house. back to the insanity. tag michael riley oanh zachary jim and i went to eat brunch at some pizza place. it was pretty good. i sat at the table with all of the children. i dunno why all of the children in this family are so obsessed with me...maybe it's because they realize that i am a child like them? i mean come on...i'm never gonna grow up. but the pizza was not as good as the post...i think it's just the amount of grease that makes it so good. right? ummm then we all did nothing around the house until tag's first communion at like 4. the kid looked pretty spiffy in his suit. i was impressed. afterwards we all came back to the giacalone house for food, and family time. all the little kids opened presents...apparently it was like christmas time. but hey, i'm not complaining....cuz i got some presents too. hehe. thank you aunts and uncle if you are reading this: the money will go towards comic books. we all went back to the hyatt to sleep at the end of the night after everyone was playing texas holdem when the kids went to bed...liem john and i watched 'the jerk' on tv. after that snl came on...julia louisse driefus was hosting...did you watch? it may have been one of the funniest snls in a while...or maybe it's because i was just watching it with other people? they didn't even have a digital short this week....i'd say the funniest skit was the one about 'myspace.' afterwards around midnight we went back to the hotel to go to sleep. and that pull out couch sucks. thought i'd tell you again. sunday. we all checked out early and came over to oanh's. half of the family is leaving. we came over in time to see bryan and co. leave for columbus. afterwards we ate lunch.... oanh and i planned my wizard world trip here for later this summer... afterwards oanh john tag michael mom dad john and i went to the movies. phung and ha went shopping while kieu stayed at home with zachary. half went to see mi III and i went to see rv with tag and michael ...since i've already seen the psychoboy cruise in miIII. RV was actually pretty funny. i liked it. good comedic performances by cheryl hines, jeff daniels, and ofcourse robin williams. yes, family films can actually be funny for both children and adults when they are DONE RIGHT. after the movie we had like 45 minutes to kill before mi3 got out, so i went walked over to borders next to the theatre. and hey...let's give it up for jeff...cuz i conquered one of my personal fears today...i shit in a public bathroom. yay me. it wasn't that bad, and i probably wouldnt of gone if i coulda held it. you can't get vd or anything from using public toilets, right? ugh. these are the things i think about. you really don't want to peek into the mind of the's a scary place...just stick to the b.o.j.'ll be fine. sooo after that we all came back ate dinner and whatnot. i sat around watching michael tag oanh john and ha do charades. haha it was sort of entertaining. after and i watched this week's sopranos downstairs. man...this season is sooooo good. the first ep rocked...the couple of ep's where tony was in a coma i wasn't too happy aboot...but after that it's just been getting better and better. oyyyyveeeee....i'm gonna have withdrawl when it goes on hiatus. which leads me to now...sitting here at the kitchen table while ha watches her beloved patrick demsy on grey's anatomy. so it was a good weekend. i enjoy it when we all get together...since we all live all over the place. it's fun to play with the kids and act like i'm 8 years old on the outside...rather than just being 8 years old on the inside. did that just make sense? i'm tired. so let's see...tomorrow we're getting up early..and driving back to the oh-io. gonna be another long drive...i hope to sleep most of the way...maybe that will make it better. so there it you feel better now? later.

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