Thursday, May 11, 2006

lost rants

decided to watch last night's new LOST...i thought it was the finale but luckaly we still have more episodes...yay....previously we learned after michael returned from his search for walt and killed anna lucia and libby....that he is bad now? what the hell is gonna happen next? OMIGOD....i can tell within the few minutes before the title screen comes up that this ep. is gonna be OH SO good...starts off w. mr ecko having a dream: a shot anna lucia comes to tell him he needs to help john. he goes to the hatch...and sees his dead brother who also tells him he needs to help john. he tells ecko that he needs to make john take him to the '?' on the map. and that john will not want to tell him, but he must make him. mr ecko wakes up. john sawyer mr ecko and kate all going to the hatch. out pops michael holding his shot arm(that he shot himself after killing anna lucia and libby) complaining that "henry got loose" ...oh so much situational irony...i guess michael is the token bad guy on the show now. and isn't it funny that after michille rodriguez gets put in jail for a d.u.i. they kill off her character on the show? haha bye anna lucia. but we find out when libby coughs up blood and becomes consious. michael didnt do the job. ruh roh. title screen. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
the hatch. jack is trying to fix libby. john and ecko decided to go find the escaped "henry gale." we find out that this is a ecko flashback ep. back to when he was a priest. he is talking to a man that is apparently going to help him get his flight to america. but then a "miracle" happens. a woman is talking to him telling him about her daughter that drowned and apparently came back to life. back to the island... mr ecko is trying to get john to show him where the '?' is. ecko headbuts john and tells him that anna lucia wanted him to get john to tell him where the ? is. john shows him the map...and ecko thinks he knows how to read it. they go off. flashback. mr ecko is investigating the miracle. he is talking to some dude who plays him a f-ed up tape of the investigation of the girl's death...and then all of a sudden she comes back to life and starts screaming and crap. the guy gives him the tape. back to the island. ecko is trying to navigate the map that john drew (after forgetting to punch in the numbers/getting his leg trapped under the blast door/seeing the weirdo map/and recalling it from memory to write it down.) john and ecko are led back to the old plane, where john and boone came, and boone was murdered when the plane fell off the cliff. "a sacrifice that the island demanded. " as john said. the hatch. michael keeps questioning jack to see if libby is going to make it and if she said anything. jack basically says shes going to die and tells sawyer to go get the heroin to help her feel better while dying. COMMERCIAL. the beach. kate keeps asking sawyer how anna lucia got the gun away from him. (they had sex, and anna lucia took it) apparently sawyer had the guns and the heroin the whole time. that's nice. they see hurley...and he asks about libby. poor hurley...the guy finally was catching a break. ecko sees his brother in the jungle...chases after him up a cliff...and then falls off?! but then john wakes up...and we see that it was his so john saw ecko's brother. and ecko is determined that it is fate. so this time for real...ecko goes to climb up the liff where boone died. flashback. ecko is still trying to find out about the miracle. turns out that the girls dad is a pyschic, and her mother was just saying it was a miracle to piss of the dead. okay? back to john and ecko. ecko climbs up the cliff and looks down at the plane to see....dun dun dun...a giant question mark>?!! aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha. commercials. turns out under the plan there is another f-ing hatch. THEY ARE ALL OVER THE ISLAND. and oh...this one goes waaaaaay down. this is where my mind goes crazy. john and ecko make their way down the hatch. they see two chairs. a bunch of old school television monitors. john turns them all of them he sees john (these screens are totally video from each of the hatches...they all have cameras and maybe this place is like the command center???) john sees a says "print log y/n?" he says 'y' and it prints out nonsense... he also finds what looks like some tube the ones they have at the drive thru at a bank. ecko finds a tape marked 'orientation'...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...they put it in. the tape starts. it displays " orientation-station 5-the pearl" ...the same asian dude from the other orientation video. he says that this station is a monitoring station..where the participants of the dharma anniciative>i know that wasn't spelled right>can be observed. so weird. apparently the two people that were to be at this station were to observe the other people in all the other hatches, put their recordings in those tubes that would be sent back to whoever the fuck theyre going to. ok? then the tape shorts out at a part...ofcourse...where the asian dude is saying something about a transport back to a village? ok? so crazy. commercials. ecko now thinks that john pushing that button all the time is very crucial and important. and now john thinks the exact opposite of what he once did...he thinks it's all ridiculous...useless... flashback. ecko's at the airport about to get on the oceanic flight 815. he sees the girl. she tells him that when she was 'between places' she talked to his dead brother. he told the girl to tell ecko to have faith...even though he didnt anymore...he still had faith in him...we see now why ecko is STILL a priest... ecko tells john about how his brother's plane somehow made it's way to the island (the same plane boone died in) and somehow the oceanic flight came to the same island. ecko believes fate brought them all to this island...and i'm beginning to think the same way. back to the hatch. libby is dying by hurley and jack. she manages to squeeze out the word "michael" before she croaks...why couldnt you just say "shot me" after that? god.... the show ends with the beeping of a button that needs to be pressed...and a menacing looking michael staring into the "C:>" thingy on the computer. ooooooh boy. GOOD EPISODE, RIGHT??? next week looks even better and apparently i was wrong and its not going to be the finale?!?!?! sweeeeeet....maybe we'll get a good two or three more episodes before the season is over. ok. got that out of the way. no i think i'll go read the rest of my comics. then tonight the office and mynameisearl are on. yay. then i'll finish packing and off to chicago. i dunno if i'll blog again before then...i feel like being lazy. soooooo when i get back i'll give you the weekend recap and probably then start the dork news on e3 2006. later.

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