Thursday, May 11, 2006

good night

after i watched lost i sat around and read comics. then read some more comics. then i sat around and watched that 70's show for an hour. new episode, then a staple 'clips' show. next week is the finale...i hate it when good shows go on for way too long. this show soulda ended last year...when topher grace and ashton kutcher left. but owell, i might as well finish watching it since there's only one more left. read more comics. and more comics. no before bed i'm going to sit down and watch the season finales of mynameisearl and the office. oh what am i going to do this summer without mynameisearl and theoffice? i love these shows. after that i'm going to bed. because i have to get up at like fricken 7:30 to drive to chicago. so i'll most likely blog about the weekend next week when i get back. then i guess i'll start catching up on my tivo, starting with e3....and then blog some more. later bitches, have a good weekend. good night.

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