Tuesday, May 16, 2006

lazy fest continues

waddup, waddup, WADDUP?! i am surprisingly awake and vibrant this morning. before passing out last night i watched a little punk'd (yes i am lame) and sunday's Big Love. That show has really snuck up on me...i wasn't expecting much. it's so good. bill paxton is totally going to make a come back. actually i just love any original programming that hbo chucks out....it's just good television. so i woke up early this morning @ like 8:00. i was surprised. i guess i gotta get used to getting up earlier and going to bed earlier before my summer class anyways. no running this morning, i wasn't feeling that motivated. but hopefully i can work my way into working out @ the rec next week...hopefully running on the treadmill this week. i'd like to start eating healthier, treating myself better...so i can start feeling better. i'd like to think that this year i've taken some BIG STEPS in my life. i'm starting to feel accomplished. i guess i have to mature sometime right? i can't eat pizza post 3 days a week for the rest of my life i guess. but i'm not gonna grow up too much...i mean...this is me we're talking aboot. so anyways TODAY IS DVD TUESDAY! one of my favorite days of the week. my plans for today are as follows: go to the blockbuster when it opens @ 10...and start burning the new releases. first ones i'll probably pick up are THE PRODUCERS which i CAN'T WAIT for....and probably the ringer. ummm and i still got a crapload of recorded dvr to catch up on as well. and maybe i'll read a comic or two before i pick up my new stack tomorrow. since i got some moola over the weekend from my aunts and uncle...the comics this week will be provided by them. thank you family.
oh and check out this screenshot from the new x3 game http://www.marvel.com/news/.372 ...comes out today...and i want it! new super mario bros is out as well!

that's it for now, LATER

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