Thursday, April 20, 2006


hello. man i woke up early this mourning. early for me anyways. i did absolutley nothing last night after school. i layed around like a ummm (whats something that is really lazy?) like a rock? like a turtle? like a hobo?

today is going to be fun. so much fun that i shall name it jeffrey's day of fun. let's see it's almost 9 now.... i shall get in the shower. after that, i shall play video games until noon. after that, i shall drive to fremont to get comics. maybe after that i will enjoy some pizza post. later on today, mark and i will be going to the house of blues in cleveland to see 'the comedians of comedy!' so i'm gonna bring my camera and hopefully i can get a picture w/patton oswalt.....because he's a big nerd like me.

later internet.

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