Friday, April 21, 2006

comedians of comedy

yesterday was such a fun day. what could of been better. both my classes were cancelled. woke up early and played video games till like noon. then i drove up to fremont to get my comics. and it was such a nice day to do so, i didn't mind the 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back. sat around and read comics till mark got in town. then we went to fazoli's to eat dinner. i had lasagna. and then i had chocolate lasagna. both lasagnas were delisch. then we drove back to norwalk, and then off to cleveland. we got there relatively easily...the mapquest directions were good. it was actually right near the tower city it was easy to find. we got there as the doors opened. the show was so great. i would saw one of the top 3 comedy shows i've ever seen. patton oswalt: hilarious. brian posehn: hilarious. maria bamford: halarious and the new dude....also hilarious. it was a great show....and the house of blues was cool too, i'd never been there. after the show i bought a t-shirt, and we drove home. actually got a little lost getting off of the wrong exit....being that i have myers genes in me i guess that just happens...

so today starts the weekend. this weekend should be very low key for me. haha like the others aren't? (that was sarcasm) being that next week i'll have to study for exams and the week after that is exams i'd like to take it easy this weekend.

so this mourning @ 11 i have to schedule classes. hope everything goes ok.

that's it for now. later.

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