Thursday, March 23, 2006

thursday mourning rants

hello. i can't believe it's thursday already. hey--LOST was new last night. and boy oh boy was it good, nerds. it was a sun flashback ep--we found out that earlier sun and jin were trying to have kids, but they couldn't concieve. the doctor told them that sun was infertile....but he tells sun later that it was really jin who is shooting blanks...he just didn't want to tell jin cuz he was afraid that he'd be mad....and the doc's afraid of jin since he works as a hitman for sun's father and all. locke and jack are still arguing about the new castmember. locke decides to tell anna lucia about him, and asks her to interogate him. he tells her the same story he told locke, jack, and syieed. "he came here in a hot air balloon with his wife." he goes on to tell anna lucia that he buried his wife next to the balloon. so he draws anna lucia a map. she doesnt tell locke or jack, and goes off with syieed and charlie to find out if he is really telling the truth....or if he really is one of the others. sun turns out to be pregnant. but how? jin's shooting blanks. they say it's a miracle. it MUST be the island, right? who knows. charlie syieed and anna lucia never find the they split up. the episode ends with the new cast member talking to jack and locke...saying in a very creepy voice how if HE WAS one of the others, how we would draw anna lucia a fake map, draw them out in the middle of nowhere, have the others ambush them, and have them bargain them for his release. but thats only if HE WAS one of the others. title comes up. episode ends. CRAP. he is one of the others. i know it. next week's ep is supposed to be really revealing with 5 major plot twists. can't wait. LOST is the coolest. this week the godfather-the game came out. and yes i bought it. it's soooo much freaking fun. it's like a gta-style type around, extort mob hits. work your way up into the corleone family. it's also cool cuz it puts you into every key scene in the movies. everyone signs over their likenesses and voice EXCEPT al pacino. so it sucks that everyone looks like theyre character except for michael corleone. but still kicks ass. i just planted the gun in the bathroom for michael...and then drove him to the docs so he could run away to italy. i'm now an associate...soon i'll be capo. fun game. ugh so looks like i'm gonna go upstairs on the treadmill, come back down here and take a shower, then have some coffee and start doing homework, go to my last classes for the week, and then finally--THE WEEKEND, although this week did go by fast, but it sucks cuz i'm gonna have alot of homework to do this weekend, ugh, hey this is the longest run on sentence ever, isn't it? anywho--later, internet.

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