Monday, July 06, 2009

all hail the return of graphic adventure gaming...

about 5 years ago when lucasarts cancelled sam and max2 and full pretty much marked the downfall of classic graphic adventure gaming. graphic advenutres have been making a slow comeback thanks to tim schaffer with pyschonauts and the upcoming brutal legend. and then there's telltale games who have brought back sam and max in an episodic monthly format, and most recently brought back one of my personal fav's: MONKEY ISLAND with 'the tales of monkey island.' but lucasarts is starting not to suck again...the are remaking the classic secret of monkey island on pc and xboxlive as 'the secret of monkey island special edition.' and today they made a HUGE announcement that they are partnering with STEAM to re-release old classics for download!!!! including: LOOM, THE DIG, FULL THROTTLE, etc. they say: if all goes well with steam and monkey island we may see the return of such classics as: MANIAC MANSION AND DAY OF THE TENTACLE, THE DIG, FULL THROTTLE, GRIM FANDANGO......HUGE NEWS FOR A NERD LIKE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! the tales of monkey island starts on tuesday july 7th, loom and others are available for download on wednesday july 8th, and the secret of monkey island special edition is out on the 15th!!!!! so good!!!!

see for yourself:

1. statement from lucasarts

2. and more here.

I AM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and in honor of the return of guybrush threepwood, monkey island, and hopefully more lucasarts classics....i have changed my xboxlive gamertag to: iwannabeaPIRATE

later internet. so happy.

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