Monday, May 19, 2008

a fun weekend.

i had a pretty fun weekend. let me tell you aboot it...

friday i met ang at wells/fargo at five, and we left for columbus to see FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. i had been looking forward to this all week long. last month fotc came to michigan, and i missed the ticket sale by a week...i guess they sold out within 15 minutes. i was soooooo bummed. so bummed that i checked ticketmaster like once a day for a couple of weeks...and they added a columbus date out of the blue. i was so happy. anyways, we drove the 2 and a half hour drive from toledo to columbus. it was a relatively nice drive...we took 23 the entire way there. which was neat, i didn't know that you could do that. we arrived at the arena, which was pretty big...i think it was the same place i saw green day/foo fighters at years ago. we walked around, and i bought a tshirt. we got to our seats, which werent halfbad, mezzanine...about the middle right part of the arena. there was an opening standup act, i forget what the girl's name was, but it was the girl from the episode where fotc trip on acid. she was pretty funny...and a little weird. finally fotc came on the stage. they opened up with 'she's so hot, boom.' nice. it was a pretty low budget show, just jermaine, bret, two chairs, a rug, and their two accoustic guitars. yet it was one of the best shows i've ever been to. i dunno if it's because i'm obsessed with their hbo show? they have definalty become one of my favorite bands over the past year, rising over tenacious d in the 'folk rock' genre. it was worth the price of admission just for the inbetween songs banter between bret and jermaine. really really really good times. i can't wait for season two this fall on hbo. angela and i stopped by a tacobell/pizzahut on the way home, and i fell asleep while ang drove home. we got home late around 1:30 am and i passed out!

saturday we woke up, and ang informed me that she had lost her license. so we decided to wake up, get ready, and goto the dmv in toledo. while i was sitting waiting for ang to get her license made, two street urchins came in trying to pedal useless crap. it made me angry. it was two dudes about my age, trying to sell all this crap that they had obviously stolen, or bought at a dollar store...for much more money. i just sat there, while they tried to pedal their shit to everyone at the dmv. what kind of life is that? don't they feel like total useless pieces of shit doing that everyday?? how is that a living? people are stupid and piss me off. also while waiting, i tried to figure out which of the women at the dmv was the demon. ( i was 'reaper' on the cw, and one of the people at the dmv where they drop off their weekly 'vessel' is a demon...i know, i'm weird. ) i figured it was the oldest, gray haired lady, because that's who you'd least expect it to be, right?? after that we went to ipoh to eat lunch. i got the general tso' i do everytime, and ang tried the cashew chicken. after that, we went to see prince caspian! i liked it alot. well, let's say i liked about 95% of it.

***spoilers ahead***

at the very end of the movie, with about one minute left of the flick, something happend that made me outraged. so up until then, the ENTIRE FILM's score had been orchestrated. and then at the very last scene...they play 'regina spector' ????? what....the.....fuck?????????!?!?! that totally brought me out of the film, and ruined it for me. why would you do that? why not just play like huey lewis and the news, or new kids on the block?? people in narnia have no fucking idea who regina spector is. that pissed me off. but besides that, it was good. haha.

***end spoilers***

yesterday, angela's mother came up from norwalk. she and angela went shopping all day. i spent the day watching tv and going to blockbuster. for dinner, i met them at p.f. chang's. it was pretty good...i've never been there before. i figured it would be real gimmicky....but it was nice.

that's it.

as for gamestop? i havn't got a call yet. i'm not that worried. the regional manager is supposed to be on vacation this week, but he said when he gets back next week, he'd look around and get a hold of me then.

wiifit comes out this wednesday!!!!!! ang and i are splitting it. i tried to reserve it last week....and i really shouldn't of waited until the last minute to reserve. i really blew it. all 12 gamestops in this area have stopped taking reserves!!! i'm really nervous...i don't like living on the edge!!!! so i guess i'm waking up EARLY on wednesday, and trying to find it. wish me luck! i need video games!!!!!

that's it. later guys.

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