Monday, March 10, 2008

jeffrey's 2008 spring break blog

hello internet. it's been a while. spring break has come and gone, and now i'm here to tell you aboot it.

thursday (2/28)

thursday was spent helping angela move. her brother and his posse came over and moved some of my furniture out of the basement into their uhaul: my couches, tables, end tables. then i went to my last pre-spring break class, and came home and had pizza post. angela came over with her van, and i moved more crap into it: some of my vhs cabinets, and random crap. i then filled up my car before bed: w. framed posters, and pictures.

friday (2/29)

i woke up early friday, and went to meet angela at her house, to help her move into perrysburg. she had her van, and a uhaul filled. we moved in pretty much all day w. help from her brother and his posse, her mom and dad. we took a break for lunch w. pizza. after that her brother n. posse + her father left, and i stayed there all day with ang and her mom, helping her unpack crap. we drove into toledo to goto dudley's diner. cheeseburger. i drove home late that night, because i had to work the next day.

saturday (3/1)

saturday i worked w. angela (my manager @ gamestop.) it was slow, and i hung up signs. after work i drove home, packed up momndads trailblazer + my car again with my crap, and drove to perrysburg again. we unpacked crap, and mom and dad pretty much just left after seeing the place. angela's mother stormed another infamous donnatantrum. drama. after they all left, angela and i decided to drive alittle, to a busy area of perrysburg angela had found, w. a bunch of stores...kmart, meijer, walmart, giant eagle, aldies, best buy, krogers, quiZnos, blockbuster...etc. our apt is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, yet it's closeby to the turnpike/75...and all those stores n whatnot. we tried a chinese buffet nearby...angela liked it, but it pretty much sucked: crappy americanized chinese food with a whole part in the middle that served like hamburgers, pizza, and like ham. it was gross, but i guess angela liked it. i got a baby winnie the pooh fake tattoo from the machine. :)

sunday (3/2)

sunday angela and i hung out around the apartment, and i helped her unpack more stuff, and i hung a couple of posters. we then drove to see where angela will be working. (it's right next to a CHUCK E. CHEESE'S off of airport highway.) we then drove to go to my fav. chinese place off of ut campus and found it to be closed. MEH... so then we went to quizno's. after my mesquite chicken we went back to the apt. and hung out.

monday (3/3)

monday, while ang got up and went to work for her first day...i went back home to norwalk, filled up mom and dad's trailblazer with all my crap...all my VIDEO GAMES... (they are borrowing the jetta for the week, while i use the trailblazer to move crap, so once i'm done with this semester of school, i can just move alittle bit of crap, computer, 3 shelves, 1 file cabinet, and 1 dresser, + clothes.) i came home and moved alot of crap, all by myself into the trailblazer. then i drove back to perrysburg, unloaded this literally packed full car ALL BY MYSELF into our 2nd story apt. meh. in the rain. meh meh. angela got home, and made us some cheeseburgers on our george foreman grill. or maybe that was the day we ate pizza burgers....i don't remember...but we ate both of those things last week. hehe. we then watched the taped snl i had taped off of dvr at home onto vhs to take up. ellen page hosted. funny.

tuesday (3/4)

woke up in perrysburg, and drove home to norwalk once again....this being by SIXTH time on the turnpike thus far. i filled up the trailblazer, yet again, by myself, with all my crap. this time the big stuff...big vhs cabinets,a big glass cabinet, stereo, art easle...etc. sucked. and i have not mentioned that the back door to the trailblazer is broken, does not stay up when you open it, and i have to hold this heavy ass door on my back, while i manuver stuff into the car. by tuesday i had started taking a shovel from the garage, and hoisting it under the door to hold it open. this time while moving it had started to rain down hail pretty hard. the weather started to get bad as i was driving up there, and i unloaded the whole a hailstorm...hail pelting my sucked. sucked. after i moved stuff in i started to get my bathroom together...(we have two full baths.) mine is going to be spider-man themed. i put up a bunch of spider-man posters n. crap for a while before ang got off work. she made spaghetti. we watched some dvr to vhs i had done again to watch up there. (we won't get cable until i move up there in may)

wednesday (3/5)

wednesday i got up and noticed that angela had moved by jay and silent bob action figures, and i got mad and yelled because she has been vetoing every poster or picture that i wanted to put up in the apt. i am only allowed to put angela-approved posters into the apt, and everything else goes into my (art/video game) room, w. the spare twin bed...or the laundry room...i'm "allowed" to put posters in the laundry room too. so i made her upset, and then ran outside and cleaned off all the snow and ice off of her van. she went to work upset. so i then i sat around eating leftover pizza burgers at lunch by myself, thinking about what to do. so i realized i was just being ridiculous, and made her a giant card saying that i was sorry. will and birdo came over to see the apt, and we went to go see 'semi-pro.' it wasn't will ferrell's finest, but i sort of expected that. a couple o' laughs. after that we all went back to the apt, and waited for angela to get off work. she got home and i gave her the card, and i was forgiven. we all went to the 'nagoya' japanese steakhouse in perrysburg to try it out. it was super preppyfancy and everything was overpriced. the sushi was super expensive, but really good. allandall i still think samurai japanese steakhouse in sandusky is the best ever. we came home and they played chinese checkers while i surfed the 'stolen wireless internet' on my laptop.

thursday (3/6)

thursday morning i drove back home to norwalk to pick up angela's brother noah. (he was coming up for the day...he's on spring break too) i went to their house and there was some random crap angela had left at home for us to put in the trailblazer. we then went to my house, and we took my tv and tvstand up and whatnot, for i could not move them both by myself, and i stole some of my parents pots and pans. we then drove back up..this time going into toledo for IPOH. oh ipoh...i love your general tso. after that, our tummy's filled with delight, we went down reynolds rd, and stopped at a record exchange that i frequent. noah saw a deer behind the store, so we walked behind it and saw two of them just staring at us. he apparently liked it, i was semi-intrigued. we looked around in the store, and then went to NICKLEWORLD. i was excited about showing noah nickleworld. for those of you who do not know, (nickleworld = oldschool arcade, where tons of the machines are either a nicle, or free) we hung out there for a couple of hours, won some shitty little toys and candy, and left. we went back to the apt. and moved my crap up. then we played rock band and went to aldies for buns until angela got off of work. thursday we ate pizza burgers...(again!) w. noah. played more rock band, and watched bill and ted's excellent adventure. angela had never seen it before. COME ON.

friday (3/7)

friday noah and i woke up after angela had gone to work, and we drove home. noah had suggested we go another way home down tracy rd, but we ended up waiting like an hour for this freaking stopped train, and then just getting on 75, where we coulda just got on that going the other 5 minutes. i was annoyed that he didn't know where he was going, and got over it. he and her dad had gone this way from 20 prior...but it was way further down and we just went left onto 75. meh. we finally got home off the turnpike and there was alot of snow in norwalk. i went to dad's office as it was starting to get really bad and made copies of slides from my artbook for my arttest post spring break week. after that i ate lunch, and went to work. coming home the weather was getting bad, and ofcourse mother was fucking going crazy, not wanting me to work all weekend, and stay in the freaking basement. drives me crazyyyyyyyy. also i forgot to mention on the way back from perrysburg w. noah we saw a car that had the license plate that said a 'elektra' and it had a thing around the plate that said: "the amazing jennifer garner." that was hilarious.

saturday (3/8)

saturday i wake up to both parents fucking screaming and panicking because of the weather...telling me not to go to back to perrysburg. ofcourse i don't care, and go anyways. i went early before it got bad again, and norwalk got a shitload of snow. i unloaded some more crap, this time with my jetta...and we decided to go into the office of tracy creek and sign up for cable internet. we went to the office and angela forget her checkbook so we had to go back once, we got back to the office and she had to go back a 2nd time because there were not checks in her book, THEN we had to go back a third time because they were the wrong checks or something. in the snow. it sucked. after getting our modem, we went to kmart to get a couple of things, welcome mat, a spider-man shower curtain. we came back, put stuff away, and ate lunch. after that we watched this week's lost i had dvr-ed to vhs, for angela, and then ate dinner. i wanted to drive home that night instead of the morning after, to beat the weather, and angela got really upset. the turnpike was absolutely clear but when i got home to norwalk the snow was up to the sides of all the buildings, really high, and our driveway was not paved. i parked in the neighbor's driveway, and ran into the house....the snow was up to like my waist.

sunday (3/9)

sunday i had to work yet again because it was the BIG RELEASE of super smash brothers brawl for the wii. it took me an hour to drive to work through the snow, and the whole time at work was spent putting up upcoming releases, and dealing w. people who had reserved ssbb. i drove home, at a shitty sandwhich for lunch, and decided to drive up to perrysburg, YET AGAIN, for one last time. ang had been putting together 1 of 2 desks for me when i got there. it was all put together and looked really nice. i have decided thatangela will be the putter-together goto person in our family, because i hate those projects and they make me angry. she apparently enjoys it. we ate dinner, played ninja reflex and ssbb on the wii for alittle bit, and then i fell alseep while we watched a movie.

so that was my spring break. like twelve trips on the turnpike, moving stuff, etc.

i woke up this morning, took a shower, drove home, and here i am...blogging. i got alot of shit to do this week. 1 test to study for and take, a paper to write, and homework. it sucks and i procrastinate. and i also have to work on tuesday, fri, complicate things more. gonna be rough. i STILL have not recieved anything by mail from bg. which sucks. i need to eat lunch and start studying before class tonight. meh. looks like for the next couple of months i'll be going to class, working, and going to perrysburg on weekends. then i move in may. keep praying that i get accepted please.

later internet.

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