Friday, February 22, 2008

i am engaged.

february has been such a crazy/hectic/insanely busy month for jeffrey alan myers.

school has been keeping me busy with tests, and exams. last week i had my first slide test in arthistory2 which i crammed for, and did quite well on. this past monday was my portfolio review. and that people, has had me on edge. I took a trip to pat catan's last wednesday, buying like tons of matt board, and a portfolio to fit my 12 art pieces in. my lovely girlfriend angela was nice enough to cut out matting and matted every one of those 12 pieces for me. so meanwhile, thursday was valentine's day. i had class late that night, so ang i didn't really celebrate it on thursday. i gave her the classic roses and chocolates. the next day (friday) i worked. i've been working like 1-2 days a week of late. which is fine with me...with all that's been going on. so the day after, on saturday...we finally got to celebrate valentine's day. and ofcourse...i wanted to go to the samaurai steakhouse. (my fav) it was probably the suckiest time we've ever been there though. ang didn't get off work until 7p.m., and it was super busy. we wait 2 freaking hours to be seated...and didn't even START eating until blew. not fun. meh. the sunday after was spent mentally preparing myself for the next day (my portfolio review.) I have been really nervous about the review for SOME TIME now...dreading it's arrival...because this is what gets me into art school at bg. if not...i suck, and have to try again. my review was at 2:30 on monday. since it was president's day, the campus was having some special parents weekend, and it was packed. i met my friend mike (who is also an art student at bg) at the art building about a half an hour early...and we walked around....seeing all the art and classrooms. i started to get so excited. i mean this is what i've wanted for so felt so great to be among all the other students...doing what they love. i wanted to be there right then, making some damn art. so it was time for my portfolio review. it was me and two other students. we all walked in, and spread our artwork over three seperate tables. we were all then sat in the hallway while our work was evaluated. we were then called back in, to talk about each one of our works individually. it was all very fast, and hurried. i was super nervous, and i don't think i talked as much as i should have. and that was that, and we were done...and they told me i would be notified by mail in two weeks. TWO WEEKS? SERIOUSLY??? i was expecting to walk out that day knowing if i'd made it or not. so i got super depressed. and super worried...starting to replay that 10-15 min in my head over and over again....trying to think if i did anything wrong. but the more people i talk to, art students, my art prof. at firelands, i do feel alittle more at ease. i'll get in. i should get in. it's still driving me crazy...can you tell? i won't know for another week and a half probably. it's ridiculous. but what can i do now? it won't help me any to just drive myself crazy worrying. it's done. if i don't pass, i'll take it again, and pass....that's all i can do. i tried my best. SOOOOO THAT'S BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY. anyways, what's next?? um.... so if you havn't noticed...angela and i have been getting pretty serious over this past year and change. and....i've used my $$$ that i made over the holiday season to get her an engagement ring. and on top of school, work, portfolio review, and everything...this has also been making me really nervous. not the whole proposing thing, naw...just the whole asking for the blessing. yeeeesh. so this past tuesday, i went over to angela's parents house to do just that. and it was over in about 30 seconds and my worrying was about nothing. they gave me their blessing, and i even talked to her brother...who also seemed cool with it. and yet again, i knocked off another thing on my to-do's. tuesday night ang and me watched 'margot at the wedding' ...that just came out on dvd this week. by writer/director noah baumbach....who made 'the squid and the whale.' if you havn't seen it, i recommend...good stuff...jack black is a hell of an actor. wednesday came and passed....had yet another exam that i studied all day for. and then last night....was the night. after i got home from school, ang was there and made me some pizza burgers for dinner...which by the way, is my new obsession. angela = very good cook. anways, after eating, ang and i went back to my bedroom to prepare to watch LOST. i told ang i wanted to go upstairs and get something to drink. (very sneaky) i then brought down a big boquet of flowers, and get the ring out of my sock drawer. i got down on one knee, read her my little speech which i had prepared earlier...and i'll save you from the speech, it was cheesy....and angela instantly started to cry once i got down on one knee. and OFCOURSE she said yes, that was one thing i was never worried about. the rest of the night was spent rejoicing. AND THEN this morning, we got up waaaay early, and got ready and drove to perrysburg, to pick out our new apt. it's sweet...2nd floor. ya for those of you who have not been informed: we are moving in together in perrysburg. ang moves in next weekend to start her new job at wells/fargo in toledo, and i move in the first week of may, after exams and whatnot when the semester is done to finish school at bg. we looked at three apts, picked the best one. it has a great view of the little pond in the apt complex. come visit us... i have a spare bed in my 'comicbook/art studio/game room.' fun huh? anyways, after we picked out our apt, we drove to toledo so we could eat lunch at my fav. chinese restaurant. ang was calling people telling them the news the entire way up. so then we drove back, and now ang is taking a nap, probably from all the msg. i gotta work tonight at 5:30. tomorrow? HIBATCHI AND A MOVIE. sweetness. next week? one more week of school, and then on next friday...we move angela in. it will most likely take all day. but it's cool...because the week after is my SPRING BREAK!!!! i really could use alittle relaxation. i know what you're thinking: jeffrey, all you do is relax, you are lazy. but you know what people? i'm not peter pan anymore. i'm trying hard, and i'm growing up. and it has been very stressful yet rewarding at the same time. i can do this. i can finish school. i'm a man on a mission. life is really crazy. do i regret fucking up in toledo? used to. but now? not at all. if i wouldn't of came back to norwalk with my tail between my legs, i never would of met by beautiful, fun, and sweet FIANCEE angela pauline. life works in mysterious ways. but i believe this is all for the better. so in closing? i'm still stressed out. i'll feel alittle better in a couple weeks when i know the results of my portfolio review. but besides being stressed, i'm very very happy. i think more now then i ever have been. i think when i'm old and wrinkly i'll look back at these years where i've been kind of struggling, and look at them as the best years of my life. methinks.

so...what do you think? i'm engaged....and somewhat on my way to being an actual "adult."

...scary. i'm gonna go take a big poop now, while angela is still sleeping.

later internet.

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