Thursday, February 28, 2008

a day of suck and wicked sweetness...but mostly wicked sweetness.

Yesterday was my last drive back and fourth to fremont, to collect my LAST STACK OF COMICS. it sucked. When saying goodbye to chris, (the owner) it kinda felt like breaking up with a girlfriend. does growing up mean you have to give up everything you like to do?? no...i guess not. it just means paying for shit. so i guess i won't be reading about spider-man, zombies, runaways, x-men, and everything else. i've been collecting alot lately: marvel, dc, lots of indies. i guess i'll try to come back to rupp's every once and a while when i get some extra $$$ and for sales. hey ...there's always free comic book day. :( so for a while i've known They Might Be Giants were coming back to Cleveland...but it landed on a school night...(last night.) Both my classes that night were lectures, and i've had perfect attendance thus i decided to play hookie, and take a little break from all the suck. so with all the 1's and 5's i've managed to save for a while...ang and i went to eat dinner at japanese steakhouse...which was also sad....because that will probably be our last time eating at the japanese steakhouse. meh. it was a good last meal besides the crab/cumcumber roll which was about 98% cucumber and 2% crab. :( but rice was served first...and i was happy w. the hibatchi. :) after that, we drove to the beachland ballroom in clevland, to see tmbg. a very old venue, in the middle of nowhere, where we saw tmbg the first time. it was quite an experience, listening to corn mo, and then tmbg came out played their first song, and literally 1 second after they finished it, the power went out. which sucked at first but turned out being cooler because they came out and played aqoustic for some time. last night the opening band was kind of sweet...but i forget what they are called. one balled guy singing and playing drums and one fat dude playing guitar and keyboards. i wish i remembered what they are called. yarg. tmbg came out, bantered aboot the last gig there, and played. lots of old stuff...and some stuff from their kid albums, being that they just released 'here come the 123s.' a very good time. angela and i got free foam tmbg fingers. doctor worm. :)

the drive home was very long. i was tired. and i woke up sore. like always. i guess that's what i get for never moving. so that's that. giving up COMICS and HIBATCHI for a while because i'm about to be poor. then skipping class and seeing TMBT. :)

it probably will be a while before i blog again internet. today/tomorrow i gotta help ang move, then goto class/ then get apt keys and help ang move in. then come back, to work sat morning. then packing some more and going back to the new apt. and after tonight kiddies, guess what? it's SPRING BREAK. WOO. but my spring break will not entail the beach, boobies, and tequila and will include going back and fourth from perrysburg to norwalk, and moving my stuff while ang is a work. then spending time with ang, and doing all the homework i will be assigned over break. fun? alittle. hopefully next week in coming back and fourth from perrysburg, i'll find that little letter in the mail from BG that says i'm accepted to art school. PLEASE pray for me. this is driving me crazywickednuts. after springbreak: scheduling classes for fall, trying to do good so i can transfer...and sticking out the last 2 months and change. i'll probably be in perrysburg every weekend until then. (toledo/bg peeps)

and that's all i have to say.

later internet.

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