Monday, January 07, 2008

it's been a while, internet.

where do i start. it's been a really long time since i've blogged. thanksgiving i think. well...what have i been up to since then? fall semester ended, and i passed with decent grades, leaving me in good standing to transfer to main campus next fall. as it got closer to christmas, i started working more and more at gamestop. they started to work me like 10 hour days....about 6 days a week. i worked the day after thanksgiving = SUCK. and also on christmas eve, and the day after christmas = greater SUCK. i had a lady walk in about two days before christmas and ask me for a pink gameboy ds. "we've been sold out for a while now. i'm sorry about that." i say to her kindly. she replies with a "FUCK YOU!!!" and storms out. happy birthday jesus. but other than the occasional shitty asshole costumer, working at gamestop is cake. i love it. looks like i was working seasonal, but they're gonna keep me on to work 1-2 days a week this semester. hopefully i can transfer to a gamestop or eb games in bg or perrysburg once i move down there. that would be sweet. the holidays at the myers household was good. it's always good to see family. and i don't mind saying that i miss them all. the older i get the more i realize that, well...let me say it to you how dewey cox puts it: "and then in the end, it's family and friends. loving yourself. but not only yourself." anyways, it was fun seeing everybody. what else have i been up to? I am legend, walk hard, juno were all excellent and i recommend them all. i got a ps3. it's awesome. for christmas i asked for: assassin's creed, mass effect, and rock band. (all video games) rock band has proved to be the most fun. since i worked like everyday all break, it was nice to have the end of this week a little mini-vaca before spring semester starts. tag, michael, oanh and john stopped by on their way to ha's. then ma mom and dad went to ha's leaving me with the house to myself. angela and i went shopping on saturday, went to the japanese steakhouse, and went to see juno after. it was a fun day. sunday i woke up to a call that my dad had fainted, and had to be rushed to the hospital in dayton. (where ha lives) it sucked...i spent all day yesterday waiting by my cell phone for updates on what was happening. but he seems to be alright, and hopefully ma, mom, and dad will be returning today or tomorrow. it really scares me when i think how old my dad it. i know i don't have that much time left with him. i desperatly want to graduate, get married, and have children before my father passes away. i want him to be proud of see that i'm not a slacker...and that i appreciate everything he's done for me. i guess all i can do is just try to show him that right now. i don't know how. anyways, spring semester starts today. i have really late classes this semester, we'll see how that goes. like 5pm-945 late. i've never had classes this late, i don't know how i'll adjust. this will be my last semester at firelands, *fingers crossed* i will be transfering to bg main campus for next fall. angela will be moving down there to be close to me, she's got a great job working for 'wells/fargo' in toledo. we have decided to move in together. we have found a great two bedroom apt. in perrysburg, halfway for her to work and for me to school. although we know it might not be the most ethical decision, it's the most practical. we will be saving money. we both don't know anyone else that we could move in with. and i feel better not having to worry about where she's living, her being safe, etc. i will move in when i'm done with this last semester at firelands. i plan on proposing to her. (but relax, we wouldn't get married until after i graduate and whatnot.) that is a whole 'nother story. i love her. my relationship with angela has been nothing but great in this year +plus that we've known each other. i love her GREATLY, and that is not going to change. so that's what's new i guess. like i said spring semester starts today. gotta get back in the groove of school again. gotta get books. just signed up for my portfolio review for transfering to the school of art this morning: february 18th. i'm nervous. when mom gets back i'll be filling out my transfer app. to bg. things are going relatively smoothly...i'm trying not to be a fuck up, so .....pray for me? this has been a good year, and a good holiday. let's hope that 2008 brings the same joy and success.

i hope you all are doing well, and keep in touch...i'm in the book.

later internet.


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