Thursday, January 10, 2008

as i sit around and do nothing until my class @ 7....


1. Will Arnett Makes Knightrider Worth Watching, Life Worth Living

Jalopnik alerts us to a new minute and a half long Knight Rider promo, which takes the casual viewer (read: Everyone but David Hasselhoff) behind the scenes of the new series. We see that the new Hasselhoff is neither Hasselly and barely Hoffy, and that it basically looks like Molly Sims‘ Las Vegas plus a Mustang.

But we’re definitely going to watch it — for one simple reason: WILL ARNETT. The incomparable Arnett plays the voice of the talking car, Kitt. And while the preview gives you only the tiniest of vocal delicacies from the oddly gigantic baritoned actor, it still makes the entire clip worth it. If only he would have used the same voice for Kitt that he used for Franklin.

You can check it out the clip here — but as an embedded consolation prize, we give you the following: The Original Knight Rider intro… in German. 80s television has never seemed more Jew-hatey.

2. ew's Q&A w. Rainn Wilson: My Life During the Strike
On break from ''The Office,'' he talks about hosting the Spirit Awards, working on a ninja project, avoiding MySpace, and more

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