Sunday, November 25, 2007

turkey day, schmurkey day...

so i havn't posted a 'personal' blog post since my first day at gamestop. alot has happened since then...i'll probably recall none of it. let me try and catch you up with what's going on in my life right now...

the semester is winding down...with about 3 more weeks to go, including finals. the stress is getting to me. alot of procrastination. looks like i'll be at firelands for one more semester. if everything works out the way i want it to, i'll be moving by this summer, and attending bg main campus by next fall. i'm more than ready to move out, yet at the same time scared...because i cannot screw up again. living at home brings security....but it also brings chanh myers. a crappy trade off. working at gamestop is going well. i've been working more and more the closer it gets to christmas. i had to work on friday, the day after thanksgiving, from 7am-3:30pm. it was HORRIBLE. i told angela that it was the 2nd worst experience of my life next to twisting my left testicle. maybe i was being a tad bit overdramatic. although i think i'm just working the season, here's hoping that they like me...and i can still work there while i attend my last semester at firelands. maybe i could even use this to get a job at an eb or gamestop near bg. who knows. it's a great job...i talk about video games all day anyways, i might as well get paid for it. i like to think i'm knowledgeable, and good at my job. i've been seeing alot of movies lately. 'beowulf' was amazing. probably the best computer animation i've ever seen. 'dan in real life' was really good too. this weekend i saw 'the mist' ...which was good, until the ending ruined the entire movie for me. don't you hate that?? and yesterday i saw 'enchanted.' ...which is probably one of the best disney movies i've seen in a long time. i was pleasantly surprised. THE WRITER'S STRIKE is getting to me. what the shit am i gonna do when all my tv shows stop? watch reality tv? wtf. the office has already stopped production. i'm going crazy. this has to stop. ummmmmm what else?? things with angela are going great. i've never been this happy with anyone. honestly. she's looking for jobs around bg to be near me while i finish college. believe it or not....i wanna get engaged. sure, you might say i'm not 'mature' enough....and you're probably right. she's good for me. i love her. we wouldn't get married till after i graduate anyways. UMMMM. thanksgiving was ....alright. if you know me, you know i hate thanksgiving food. don't care for it. and it's always the entire day of people saying to me... "what's wrong with you?? why don't you like turkey??" etc. but spending time with family was fun. bryancindyrileybradyHA. all came home. we ate lasagna and crab legs. working the friday after SUCKED. angela and i went to the japanese steak house last night though. that was wonderful....we havn't been there in so long. other than all that, i'm kind of drawing a blank. things are ok. i'm happy. i'm ready for christmas, ready to start listening to christmas music, ready to start watching christmas movies like IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. i've already got ALL of my christmas shopping done, day i ordered everything on it was sweet. sorry this blog post was so random, ...i felt like i had to catch you up, internet.

later kiddies. hope you had a happy thanksgiving. now i have to go work 12-6. BLAH. and this week is gonna be HELL. i have three papers, and a self portrait that i've waited until THE VERY LAST MINUTE to start. pray for me. please.

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bryanjmyers said...

good luck dude

and as if you didn't know we are always praying for you

we love you