Thursday, October 04, 2007

ozma @ the lifestyles community pavilion.

yesterday afternoon, angela and i drove to columbus. we went to the lifestyles community pavilion, to see OZMA again. it was right next to 'the basement' ...the place we saw ozma last time in columbus. well, this time...kind of sucked. the tickets were way more expensive, because it wasn't just ozma...they were playing with: the shiny toy guns, yellowcard, blue october.....and ozma was the opening band. we got there right at 6:30, right when ozma started playing. i'm glad we didn't miss them. i would of been pissed. they played about 5 short songs, and were done. i don't know why i was expecting more, since they were the opening band. i bought an ozma tshirt, and we left...cuz we didn't wanna hear any of those sucky bands. no one in the pit liked ozma. who ever likes the opening band? i yelled out 'PLEASE PLAY MORE' as they finished their set, and angela yelled 'WE ONLY CAME HERE TO SEE YOU' ....i think they cracked a smile. the venue was pretty sweet, i wouldn't mind seeing another show there.... well, it sucked to drive four hours for about 20 minutes of ozma and a tshirt....but whatev. i love ozma. i'd do it again.

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