Friday, October 12, 2007

jeffrey's first day @ gamestop.

i worked 5:00pm-9:30pm. it wasn't that bad. alot of standing around, and doing nothing. talking to the other people who work there, who are nerds. who play way nerdier games than i do. i saw alot of different kinds of nerds today. dirty nerds. napoleon dynamite type nerds who come in w. their grandmothers. alot of grandmother/mother/son combos. haha. asshole nerds who come in to buy sports games. hillbilly nerds who like shooting/tactic squad based games. it was funny. the manager angela is really nice. i started today with another guy called...wait for it...kevin smith. ofcourse he's gotten that all his life probably, or atleast since 1990's. haha. but ofcourse i had to be one of those people since i am the biggest kevin smith fan. i basically ran one person out. i sat there behind the tiny desk and watched them check people out all day, take in two trade ins, and ask every person if "they subscribe to egm" bla bla bla. easy. i talked about video games all day long. it was fun.

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