Monday, October 01, 2007

the donnas at the beachland ballroom

yesterday was sweet. bryancindyrileyandbrady came over for lunch. i gave brady his presents then. i think he liked them because after lunch, he took them with him for his nap, and wouldn't let go of them for a while. (i got him three thomas trains) later on in the day i went and picked angela up from work, and we went to the resevoir to goto brady's bday party for a little bit. it's funny that once you get passed a certain age, everyone forgets it's your party too. like no one in my family remembered this year. should i care? probably not. whatever. anyways, after eating hotdogs, fishing, and eating cake, angela and i left for cleveland. we got to the beachland ballroom without getting lost. when i was pulling into the the parking lot, i almost ran over the drummer and the bassist for the donnas. that was funny. so we went to wait in line. we saw the lead singer walk in. we got there at seven, and the donnas didn't come on until after ten. we need to start coming to shows later...because it sucks to wait. the opening band sucked, ofcourse. the next band: donita sparks, was pretty cool i thought. that were crazy. kind of like joan jett meets um... a crazy person. after that, the donnas finally came on. the rocked out...and played alot of their old stuff. alot of stuff from: get skintight. it was sweet. it made up for them coming to columbus a while back, and then cancelling. i think they're just really high maintenance.... anyways, they rocked. going home my ears were ringing super bad. as i wake up and blog this morning, i realize that i still can't fully hear out of my left ear, and that it is still ringing. that must mean that it was a good concert. right? i woke up this morning with a big ass charlyhorse on my right cav. which is weird, cuz that's how i woke up the day after the last concert i went to at the beachland ballroom. (theymightbegiants) owell. yesterday was fun. it was really cool to finally see the donnas after all these years. i wanna see them again.

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