Monday, September 24, 2007

yeah, that was my weekend.

i had a long weekend. friday angela and i decided to go around looking at garage sales all day. we went to about 5 or 6. i havn't been to one since i was like maybe 10. did i find anything i wanted? no. was it all crap? yes. so my birthday is tomorrow. i'll be 23. does that mean anything? not really. do i feel any older? no. since this week will be kind of busy, angela and i decided to celebrate it this weekend. so we went to sandusky late friday afternoon. angela had to go to target to buy wedding presents. then we went to best buy...and she bought me my birthday presents. did i care that i wasn't surprised? no. was i happy to get dvds? aren't i always? she got me the x-files season 1 and it's always sunny in philidelphia seasons 1 and 2. good stuff. so after that, we went to the japanese steak house for dinner. good stuff. saturday i had to attend yet another wedding w. angela. her cousin was getting married. soooo i spent saturday doing that. sunday angela and i went out to eat at olive garden for lunch. it was good...we havn't been there in a while. we basically just hung out all day. we went over to her family's house for dinner later that night. ....and that was my weekend. i know i havn't blogged alot lately...but i havn't really had anything to say. school. sleep. tv. angela. that is my life right now. i still can't find a job. am i looking? YES. get off my back. it's hard. i am just so ready to get past this phase in my life. i am really at the boiling point with my mother. i can't stand living here anymore. i wish i had a delorean time machine. that would be sweet. 1.21 gigawatts.

later internet.

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