Sunday, September 02, 2007

meh. sunday.

so it's been a pretty good week. the 2nd week of the semester went well. classes are going smoothly so far. i've been really missing angela lately...our schedules are so different this semester, we don't get to see each other alot. it sucks. i'm still looking for a job. i've been to about 6 places already, all of them are NOT hiring. i think i'm gonna try out pat catan's( the art store in sandusky)...and see if they are hiring this week. i wanna check out the easels anyways. i saw 'balls of fury' this week. which was pretty much what you would expect....shitty. although i did chuckle a couple of times. it was just funny to see how they played off that there is a whole seedy underbelly of asian culture that plays ping pong. ang and i were gonna see the new kevin bacon movie, 'death sentence' ....but we were too lazy. friday angela and i went out to eat, and basically just came back home and fell asleep. i felt so old. yesterday i went to toledo/bg. i did some really cool stuff. went to nickleworld. went to olive garden. went to a mall and went to a store called 'steve and barry's.' which was pretty f-in' sweet actually. it's like a college apparel store where everything is under #30 bucks and most things are 2 for $15. tons and tons of tshirts, so i liked it alot. looks like i'm just taking it easy for today. angela and i might go to to mellon festival when she gets off work, but i doubt it. i predict we will be lazy today. i work up like really early today because i had realized i somehow still had my comforter over me, but i had kicked the two blankets under the comforter off the bed. so they were out of reach....and something like this drives me crazy...i hate it when my bed is messed up. so instead of exerting the energy to get up and get those covers, i just got up at like 7:15. that sucked. i'm going to church w. angela and her family today, so i better start getting ready. later.

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