Sunday, September 09, 2007

jeffrey @ the movies. *spoilers*

shoot em' up.

***spoilers ahead***

the best movie i've seen in a long time. think about any over the top action movie you've ever seen....lethal weapon, die hard. now multiply that by about a million....and you get shoot em' up. shoot em up is a high speed action movie, with a sick and twisted sense of humor. it mocks and pokes fun at those over the top action movies, yet at the same time it is on. clive owen is so badass. he plays a carrot eating badass...who decides to get involved when a pregnant lady is being attacked. about 30 seconds into the movie owen slams a carrot through a dudes throat....and the action doesn't stop till the very end. the dude is jumping down staircases, jumping out of airplanes, deliverying babies, and having intercourse....all while having intense shoot outs with oodles of bad guys. paul giamotti plays the bad guy...and he does it well. shoot em up was SWEET. go see it.

the brothers solomon.


a movie about to brothers. they want to make a grandson for their dying father. there is a problem...they are super weird, because they were homeschooled in alaska. if you can buy can buy the weird ness of john and dean solomon, played by will arnett (arrested development) and will forte (snl). the movie was written by forte, and directed by odenkirk. (of mr. show fame) the movie is pretty funny. although it has it's crappy parts... some jokes in the movie get alittle too much of a 'dumb and dumber' '40yearoldvirgin' type of vibe. i was dreading that the only funny parts would be those shown in the previews, but it was alright. not the funniest i've seen this summer: knocked up, superbad.....but a close runner up. i give it like a 3 out of 5.

and that was my weekend at the movies.


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