Sunday, April 01, 2007

this is what it's like to be jeffrey myers right now.

thursday (3/29/07)

went to class and worked on my wood relief for 3dart. went to get comics. went to the japanese steakhouse with mom dad ma and angela. went to toft's afterwards.

friday (3/30/07)

worked on art for like 45 minutes. not a very productive day. when angela came home we went to casa fiesta. then to vargos.

saturday (3/31/07)

went out to the star diner for lunch with angela. got a stomach ache. went over to matt's instead of working on art. went to go see 'blades of glory' with trent and matt. it was REALLY funny. it was alot better than i thought it would be. john heder was sort of the straight man, and will ferrell got all of the really funny lines. plus will arnett, amy poeler, and jenna fischer were all REALLY funny in it. good stuff. i thought it was as funny as anchorman, or the 40 year old virgin. good stuff. came home. watched the bootlegged spiderman cartoon series (from the 90's) that i bought from some dude at a comic convention. angela came home. we watched mallrats.

sunday (4/1/07)

woke up. surfed the internet for a while. do people still say 'surfed the internet' ? took some pictures for drawing class. ate lunch. watched 'children of men' on dvd. it was freakin sweet. i hadn't heard anything about this movie before i started watching it. takes place in the future like 20 years from now. no one can have children. clive owen helps transport a pregnant lady to 'the human project.' actually REALLY intense. good movie. read some comics. i am soooo behind on my comics. like 4 weeks behind. stupid school.

sound exciting? meh. it was ok. this week is gonna suck. i should of worked on my wood relief (that is due this wednesday) a little bit everyday this weekend, and not procrastinated. but like always, i barely worked on it...and now i'm gonna be stressed out until i finish it. i will probably literally be in the art room all day tomorrow and tuesday. it's gonna suck. i need to stop procrastinating. i think i'm going over to angela's for dinner when she gets off work.

later internet.

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